IEEE, Tập 24, Số 5, 2016

Mục lục:

1 cover
2 Introduction
4 CoSchd: Coordinated Scheduling With Channel and Load Awareness for Alleviating Cellular Congestion
5 An Asynchronous Fixed-Point Algorithm for Resource Sharing With Coupled Objectives
6 Capacity of P2P On-Demand Streaming With Simple, Robust, and Decentralized Control
7 A Proposal for Dynamic Frequency Sharing in Wireless Networks
8 A Methodology for the Design of Self-Optimizing, Decentralized Content-Caching Strategies
9 SMAC: A Soft MAC to Reduce Control Overhead and Latency in CDMA-Based AMI Networks
10 An M/G/1 Model for Gigabit Energy Efficient Ethernet Links With Coalescing and Real-Trace-Based Evaluation
11 Max-Weight Revisited: Sequences of Nonconvex Optimizations Solving Convex Optimizations
12 On Approximating Minimum 3-Connected -Dominating Set Problem in Unit Disk Graph
13 PLACE: Physical Layer Cardinality Estimation for Large-Scale RFID Systems
14 On Optimal Proactive Caching for Mobile Networks With Demand Uncertainties
15 Multilayer Packet Classification With Graphics Processing Units
16 CPHR: In-Network Caching for Information-Centric Networking With Partitioning and Hash-Routing
17 Fast Composite Counting in RFID Systems
18 Explicit Path Control in Commodity Data Centers: Design and Applications
19 Finite-Time Convergent Gossiping
20 Efficient Multi-User Computation Offloading for Mobile-Edge Cloud Computing
21 Jamming-Resistant Learning in Wireless Networks
22 On the Parallelization of Spectrum Defragmentation Reconfigurations in Elastic Optical Networks
23 TrueTop: A Sybil-Resilient System for User Influence Measurement on Twitter
24 Delay Optimal CSMA With Linear Virtual Channels Under a General Topology
25 On Sample-Path Staleness in Lazy Data Replication
26 Inter-Cell Interference Coordination for Control Channels in LTE Heterogeneous Networks
27 CBID: A Customer Behavior Identification System Using Passive Tags
28 On Optimal Topology Verification and Failure Localization for Software Defined Networks
29 PALS: Saving Network Power With Low Overhead to ISPs and Applications
30 Efficient Network Security Policy Enforcement With Policy Space Analysis
31 Localization From Connectivity: A 1-bit Maximum Likelihood Approach
32 Sequential Decision Algorithms for Measurement-Based Impromptu Deployment of a Wireless Relay Network Along a Line
33 Identifying and Addressing Reachability and Policy Attacks in “Secure” BGP
34 MicroCast: Cooperative Video Streaming Using Cellular and Local Connections
35 Distributed Medium Access Over Time-Varying Channels
36 IP Fast Rerouting for Multi-Link Failures
37 Determining Quality- and Energy-Aware Multiple Contexts in Pervasive Computing Environments
38 In-Network Congestion Control for Multirate Multicast
39 Synchronization and Deduplication in Coded Distributed Storage Networks
40 Route: Routing on Names
41 Usage-Based Pricing and Competition in Congestible Network Service Markets
42 Read Bulk Data From Computational RFIDs
43 Distributed Algorithms for Joint Channel Access and Rate Control in Ultrasonic Intra-Body Networks
44 On Time-Constrained Data Harvesting in Wireless Sensor Networks: Approximation Algorithm Design
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