IEEE, Tập 24, Số 4, 2016

Mục lục:

1 Cover
2 Introdution
4 TCP and Network Coding: Equilibrium and Dynamic Properties
5 Path Reconstruction in Dynamic Wireless Sensor Networks Using Compressive Sensing
6 Stability and Performance Analysis of Compound TCP With REM and Drop-Tail Queue Management
7 Forensic Analysis of Packet Losses in Wireless Networks
8 Impact of Social Relation and Group Size in Multicast Ad Hoc Networks
9 A Policy-Aware Enforcement Logic for Appropriately Invoking Network Coding
10 Optimal Embedding of Functions for In-Network Computation: Complexity Analysis and Algorithms
11 Optimal Distributed Scheduling in Wireless Networks Under the SINR Interference Model
12 Delay Stability of Back-Pressure Policies in the Presence of Heavy-Tailed Traffic
13 An Online Auction Framework for Dynamic Resource Provisioning in Cloud Computing
14 Restorable Logical Topology in the Face of No or Partial Traffic Demand Knowledge
15 On Characterizing the Local Pooling Factor of Greedy Maximal Scheduling in Random Graphs
16 Greedy Routing by Network Distance Embedding
17 Optimal Content Placement for a Large-Scale VoD System
18 LiveRender: A Cloud Gaming System Based on Compressed Graphics Streaming
19 Performance Analysis of Network-Coding-Based P2P Live Streaming Systems
20 Revisiting TCP Congestion Control in a Virtual Cluster Environment
21 On Throughput-Delay Optimal Access to Storage Clouds via Load Adaptive Coding and Chunking
22 Auditing for Distributed Storage Systems
23 Hershel: Single-Packet OS Fingerprinting
24 Towards Comprehensive Traffic Forecasting in Cloud Computing: Design and Application
25 Energy-Aware Wireless Scheduling With Near-Optimal Backlog and Convergence Time Tradeoffs
26 When Backpressure Meets Predictive Scheduling
27 The Right Time: Reducing Effective End-to-End Delay in Time-Slotted Packet-Switched Networks
28 Power-Aware Wireless File Downloading: A Lyapunov Indexing Approach to a Constrained Restless Bandit Problem
29 A High-Order Markov-Chain-Based Scheduling Algorithm for Low Delay in CSMA Networks
30 Migrating the Internet to IPv6: An Exploration of the When and Why
31 Fast and Scalable Range Query Processing With Strong Privacy Protection for Cloud Computing
32 Quality-Aware Streaming and Scheduling for Device-to-Device Video Delivery
33 A Recursive Method for Clock Synchronization in Asymmetric Packet-Based Networks
34 Tight Lower Bounds for Channel Hopping Schemes in Cognitive Radio Networks
35 Joint Smart Pricing and Proactive Content Caching for Mobile Services
36 Accurate and Robust Time Reconstruction for Deployed Sensor Networks
37 Towards Agile and Smooth Video Adaptation in HTTP Adaptive Streaming
38 Overlay Automata and Algorithms for Fast and Scalable Regular Expression Matching
39 Energy-Efficient Wi-Fi Sensing Policy Under Generalized Mobility Patterns With Aging
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