IEEE, Tập 24, Số 3, 2016

Mục lục:

1 Cover
3 Packet Classification Using Binary Content Addressable Memory
4 Characterizing and Optimizing Cellular Network Performance During Crowded Events
5 Time-Stable Performance in Parallel Queues With Non-Homogeneous and Multi-Class Workloads
6 IP Fast Rerouting and Disjoint Multipath Routing With Three Edge-Independent Spanning Trees
7 Mobility Weakens the Distinction Between Multicast and Unicast
8 A QoE-Aware Resource Distribution Framework Incentivizing Context Sharing and Moderate Competition
9 Interdependent Security With Strategic Agents and Cascades of Infection
10 Scalpel: Scalable Preferential Link Tomography Based on Graph Trimming : Gao,Yi
11 Joint Congestion Control and Routing Optimization: An Efficient Second-Order Distributed Approach
12 SplayNet: Towards Locally Self-Adjusting Networks
13 ISP Service Tier Design
14 Towards Zero-Time Wakeup of Line Cards in Power-Aware Routers
15 Taming the Uncertainty: Budget Limited Robust Crowdsensing Through Online Learning
16 Distributed Greedy Approximation to Maximum Weighted Independent Set for Scheduling With Fading Channels
17 Using Viewing Statistics to Control Energy and Traffic Overhead in Mobile Video Streaming
18 Application-Level Scheduling With Probabilistic Deadline Constraints
19 The Capacity of Wireless CSMA/CA Networks
20 Estimating Traffic and Anomaly Maps via Network Tomography
21 Tag-Ordering Polling Protocols in RFID Systems
22 Mitigating Timing Side Channel in Shared Schedulers
23 Scalable Video Streaming With Helper Nodes Using Random Linear Network Coding
24 Packet-Level Network Compression: Realization and Scaling of the Network-Wide Benefits
25 Twins: Device-Free Object Tracking Using Passive Tags
26 Distributed Opportunistic Scheduling for Energy Harvesting Based Wireless Networks: A Two-Stage Probing Approach
27 Data Gathering Optimization by Dynamic Sensing and Routing in Rechargeable Sensor Networks
28 Processor-Network Speed Scaling for Energy–Delay Tradeoff in Smartphone Applications
29 Privacy-Assured Aggregation Protocol for Smart Metering: A Proactive Fault-Tolerant Approach
30 Distributed Resource Management for Cognitive Ad Hoc Networks With Cooperative Relays
31 Online Load Balancing Under Graph Constraints
32 Scalable Algorithms for NFA Multi-Striding and NFA-Based Deep Packet Inspection on GPUs
33 Distributed Game-Theoretic Optimization and Management of Multichannel ALOHA Networks
34 Incentive Mechanisms for Crowdsensing: Crowdsourcing With Smartphones
35 Making 802.11 DCF Near-Optimal: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation
36 Cooperative Data Scheduling in Hybrid Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks: VANET as a Software Defined Network
37 Efficient and Consistent Path Loss Model for Mobile Network Simulation
38 Separation of Routing and Scheduling in Backpressure-Based Wireless Networks
39 Downlink Scheduling Over Markovian Fading Channels
40 Assessing the Evolution of Google+ in Its First Two Years
41 Virtual Machine Trading in a Federation of Clouds: Individual Profit and Social Welfare Maximization
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