Transportation Research Part C Emerging Technologies, Tập 72, Số 1, 2016

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1 cover
2 Transportation Research
3 Estimating potential increases in travel with autonomous vehicles for the non-driving, elderly and people with travel-restrictive medical conditions
4 Emergence of cooperation in congested road networks using ICT and future and emerging technologies: A game-based review
5 A model and optimization-based heuristic for the operational aircraft maintenance routing problem
6 Headway-based bus bunching prediction using transit smart card data
7 Vehicular ad-hoc network simulations of overtaking maneuvers on two-lane rural highways
8 Probabilistic analysis of the release of liquefied natural gas (LNG) tenders due to freight-train derailments
9 Road network inference through multiple track alignment
10 Isolated intersection control for various levels of vehicle technology: Conventional, connected, and automated vehicles
11 A Spatial Hazard-Based analysis for modelling vehicle selection in station-based carsharing systems
12 Optimal deployment of autonomous vehicle lanes with endogenous market penetration
13 A low-cost alternative for higher capacities at four-way signalized intersections
14 An efficient realization of deep learning for traffic data imputation
15 Optimizing signals for arterials experiencing heavy mixed scooter-vehicle flows
16 Adaptive traffic parameter prediction: Effect of number of states and transferability of models
17 A gradient boosting logit model to investigate driver’s stop-or-run behavior at signalized intersections using high-resolution traffic data
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