Transportation Research Part C Emerging Technologies, Tập 71, Số 1, 2016

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2 Transportation Research
3 Optimization of traffic flow at freeway sags by controlling the acceleration of vehicles equipped with in-car systems
4 A lane-level road network model with global continuity
5 The influence of attitude towards individuals’ choice for a remotely piloted commercial flight: A latent class logit approach
6 Uni- and bi-directional pedestrian flow in the view-limited condition: Experiments and modeling
7 Integrated traffic-transit stochastic equilibrium model with park-and-ride facilities
8 Multi-step prediction of experienced travel times using agent-based modeling
9 A discrete dynamical system of formulating traffic assignment: Revisiting Smith’s model
10 Influence of connected and autonomous vehicles on traffic flow stability and throughput
11 A probabilistic model of pedestrian crossing behavior at signalized intersections for connected vehicles
12 Modeling, calibrating, and validating car following and lane changing behavior
13 Data fusion algorithm for macroscopic fundamental diagram estimation
14 Understanding user acceptance factors of electric vehicle smart charging
15 Signal coordination models for long arterials and grid networks
16 Capturing the conditions that introduce systematic variation in bike-sharing travel behavior using data mining techniques
17 Economic analysis of ride-sourcing markets
18 Traffic signal control with partial grade separation for oversaturated conditions
19 Spatial-temporal traffic flow pattern identification and anomaly detection with dictionary-based compression theory in a large-scale urban network
20 A simple reservation and allocation model of shared parking lots
21 Adaptive scheduling for real-time and temporal information services in vehicular networks
22 Heuristic search for the coupled runway sequencing and taxiway routing problem
23 Second order macroscopic traffic flow model validation using automatic differentiation with resilient backpropagation and particle swarm optimisation algorithms
24 A new rail optimisation model by integration of traffic management and train automation
25 Real-time estimation of secondary crash likelihood on freeways using high-resolution loop detector data
26 Drivers’ rear end collision avoidance behaviors under different levels of situational urgency
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