Transportation Research Part C Emerging Technologies, Tập 69, Số 1

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1 Cover
2 Transportation Research
3 A methodology for identifying similar days in air traffic flow management initiative planning
4 Modeling duration choice in space–time multi-state supernetworks for individual activity-travel scheduling
5 Modeling chain collisions in vehicular networks with variable penetration rates
6 Online distributed cooperative model predictive control of energy-saving trajectory planning for multiple high-speed train movements
7 Optimal planning of liquefied natural gas deliveries
8 Integrated multi-track station layout design and train scheduling models on railway corridors
9 A double standard model for allocating limited emergency medical service vehicle resources ensuring service reliability
10 Influence of priority taking and abstaining at single-lane roundabouts using cellular automata
11 Evacuation planning for disaster responses: A stochastic programming framework
12 Transit signal priority accommodating conflicting requests under Connected Vehicles technology
13 Integrated solution for anomalous driving detection based on BeiDou/GPS/IMU measurements
14 Sequencing twin automated stacking cranes in a block at automated container terminal
15 Operational analysis of the contraflow left-turn lane design at signalized intersections in China
16 Optimal recharging strategies for electric vehicle fleets with duration constraints
17 Multiple-phase train trajectory optimization with signalling and operational constraints
18 Global convergence of the trial-and-error method for the traffic-restraint congestion-pricing scheme with day-to-day flow dynamics
19 Updating origin–destination matrices with aggregated data of GPS traces
20 An inference engine for smartphones to preprocess data and detect stationary and transportation modes
21 Calibration of nonlinear car-following laws for traffic oscillation prediction
22 Preferences for shared autonomous vehicles
23 A distributed framework for network-wide traffic monitoring and platoon information aggregation using V2V communications
24 A mathematical programming technique for matching time-stamped records in logistics and transportation systems
25 The impact of car specifications, prices and incentives for battery electric vehicles in Norway: Choices of heterogeneous consumers
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