Transportation Research Part C Emerging Technologies, Tập 67, Số 1, 2016

Mục lục:

1 cover
2 Transportation Research
3 Assessing public opinions of and interest in new vehicle technologies: An Austin perspective
4 Optimization of airport bus timetable in cultivation period considering passenger dynamic airport choice under conditions of uncertainty
5 Incorporating observed and unobserved heterogeneity in route choice analysis with sampled choice sets
6 A binary decision model for discretionary lane changing move based on fuzzy inference system q
7 A three-level framework for performance-based railway timetabling
8 Speed variation during peak and off-peak hours on urban arterials in Shanghai
9 The Share-a-Ride problem with stochastic travel times and stochastic delivery locations
10 Quasi-optimal feedback control for an isolated intersection under oversaturation
11 Incorporating institutional and spatial factors in the selection of the optimal locations of public electric vehicle charging facilities: A case study of Beijing, China
12 Multi-objective re-synchronizing of bus timetable: Model, complexity and solution
13 Development of hybrid optimization of train schedules model for N-track rail corridors
14 Weather and road geometry impact on longitudinal driving behavior: Exploratory analysis using an empirically supported acceleration modeling framework q
15 Modelling acceleration decisions in traffic streams with weak lane discipline: A latent leader approach
16 Determining collaborative profits in coalitions formed by two partners with varying characteristics
17 Repeated anticipatory network traffic control using iterative optimization accounting for model bias correction
18 How to assess the benefits of connected vehicles? A simulation framework for the design of cooperative traffic management strategies
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