Energy and buildings, Tập 131, Số `, 2016

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1 cover
2 ENERGY AND BUILDINGS An international journal devoted to investigations of energy use and effi ciency in building
3 Modeling the energy retrofit decision in commercial office buildings
4 Household analysis identifies water-related energy efficiency opportunities
5 Preparation and thermal properties of n–octadecane/stearic acid eutectic mixtures with hexagonal boron nitride as phase change materials for thermal energy storage
6 Multi-objective optimization of building energy performance and indoor thermal comfort: A new method using artificial bee colony (ABC)
7 Temperature and humidity transient simulation and validation in a measured house without a HVAC system
8 The influence of personality traits on occupant behavioural patterns
9 Implementation of demand response strategies in a multi-purpose commercial building using a whole-building simulation model approach
10 Fuel poverty in Greece: Quantitative analysis and implications for policy
11 Multiscale modelling for the thermal creep analysis of PCM concrete
12 Study on the thermal comfort characteristics under the vent with supplying air jets and cross-flows coupling in subway stations
13 Steady-state and transient thermal measurements of green roof substrates
14 Indoor occupancy estimation from carbon dioxide concentration
15 3D numerical thermal optimization of the roofs constructed with cast-in-situ hollow concrete floor system by finite volume method
16 The importance of temperature and thermoregulation for optimal human sleep
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