Energy and buildings, Tập 130, Số 1, 2016

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2 ENERGY AND BUILDINGS An international journal devoted to investigations of energy use and effi ciency in buildings
3 An experimental analysis of the impact of temperature on falling film drain water heat recovery system effectiveness
4 Absolute glare factor and relative glare factor based metric: Predicting and quantifying levels of daylight glare in office space
5 Impact of climate change on heating and cooling energy demand in houses in Brazil
6 A review of the advance of HVAC technologies as witnessed in ENB publications in the period from 1987 to 2014
7 Residential building energy demand and thermal comfort: Thermal dynamics of electrical appliances and their impact
8 A modeling framework for optimal energy management of a residential building
9 Experimental and numerical assessment of cool-roof impact on thermal and energy performance of a school building in Greece
10 A new analytical approach for simplified thermal modelling of buildings: Self-Adjusting RC-network model
11 Environmental assessments and economic performance of BAPV and BIPV systems in Shanghai
12 Thermal conductivity enhancement of polyethylene glycol/expanded perlite with carbon layer for heat storage application
13 Thermal conductivity enhancement of polyethylene glycol/expanded perlite with carbon layer for heat storage application
14 Information modelling process based on integrated data acquisition
15 Non-intrusive load disaggregation with adaptive estimations of devices main power effects and two-way interactions
16 Research of heat and moisture transfer influence on the characteristics of the ground heat pump exchangers in unsaturated soil
17 Air-based solar systems for building heating with PCM fluidized bed energy storage
18 Choosing the appropriate sensitivity analysis method for building energy model-based investigations
19 A probabilistic approach to diagnose faults of air handling units in buildings
20 Grid-connected PV systems installed on institutional buildings: Technology comparison, energy analysis and economic performance
21 Primary energy use in buildings in a Swedish perspective
22 An investigation of the appropriateness of current methodologies for energy certification of Mediterranean housing
23 Hygrothermal behaviour and thermal comfort of the vernacular housings in the Jerte Valley (Central System, Spain)
24 Deformation and thermal resistance study of aerogel blanket insulation material under uniaxial compression
25 Experimental studies on removal of airborne haloanisoles by non-thermal plasma air purifiers
26 Evaluation of energy consumption during production and construction of concrete and steel frames of residential buildings
27 Management of loads in residential buildings installed with PV system under intermittent solar irradiation using mixed integer linear programming
28 An experimental investigation on performance analysis of air type photovoltaic thermal collector system integrated with cooling fins design
29 Impact of ASHRAE’s museum climate classes on energy consumption and indoor climate fluctuations: Full-scale measurements in museum Hermitage Amsterdam
30 Experimental investigation of the performance of the novel HP-BIPV/T system for use in residential buildings
31 Comparison of characterisation methods determining the thermal resistance of building components from onsite measurements
32 Effectiveness of an ultraviolet germicidal irradiation system in enhancing cooling coil energy performance in a hot and humid climate
33 Assessment of embodied carbon emissions for building construction in China: Comparative case studies using alternative methods
34 Novel cylindrical induction controller and its application in VAV air conditioning system in an office building
35 Numerical modeling of ventilated wall cavities with spray evaporative cooling system
36 Patterns of fac¸ ade system design for enhanced energy performance of multistory buildings
37 Concentration characteristics of ozone and product for indoor occupant surface chemical reaction under displacement ventilation
38 Thermal analysis of melting and freezing processes of phase change materials (PCMs) based on dynamic DSC test
39 Effect of diurnal variation in wind velocity profiles on ventilation performance estimates
40 Measurement and classification of energy efficiency in HVAC systems
41 Case studies of cavity and external wall insulation retrofitted under the Irish Home Energy Saving Scheme: Technical analysis and occupant perspectives
42 Savings related to solar water heating system: A case study of low-income families in Brazil
43 PCA-based method of soft fault detection and identification for the ongoing commissioning of chillers
44 Influence of sidewall openings on air change rate and airflow conditions inside and outside low-rise naturally ventilated buildings
45 Getting to net zero energy building: Investigating the role of vehicle to home technology
46 Evaluation of 5 years’ performance of VIPs in a retrofitted building fac¸ ade
47 Experimental comparison of residential heat accounting systems at critical conditions
48 Impact of integrated photovoltaic-phase change material system on building energy efficiency in hot climate
49 Systematic approach for the life cycle multi-objective optimization of buildings combining objective reduction and surrogate modeling
50 Short-term load forecasting for non-residential buildings contrasting artificial occupancy attributes
51 Modelling and disturbance estimation for model predictive control in building heating systems
52 Mixed methods approach to determine occupants’ behaviour – Analysis of two case studies
53 Air conditioning and passive environmental techniques in historic churches in Mediterranean climate. A proposed method to assess damage risk and thermal comfort pre-intervention, simulation-based
54 A longitudinal building fabric and energy performance analysis of two homes built to different energy principles
55 A comparison of standardized calculation methods for in situ measurements of fac¸ ades U-value
56 An experimental survey of feedback control methodologies for advanced lighting systems
57 Interval number optimization for household load scheduling with uncertainty
58 Impact of duct flow resistance on residential heating and cooling energy use in systems with PSC and ECM blowers
59 Indoor air quality and its effects on humans—A review of challenges and developments in the last 30 years
60 Bridging the gap between energy and comfort: Post-occupancy evaluation of two higher-education buildings in Sheffield
61 Reduction of computation time in building energy performance simulation programs by applying tearing techniques
62 A verification study for energy analysis of BIPV buildings with BIM
63 Experimental research on mechanical ventilation system for Cave 328 in Mogao Grottoes, Dunhuang, China
64 Heating energy consumption of impinging jet ventilation and mixing ventilation in large-height spaces: A comparison study
65 Thermal requirements of the sleeping human body in bed warming conditions
66 Modelling the effect of tree-shading on summer indoor and outdoor thermal condition of two similar buildings in a Nigerian university
67 Influence of roof topology on the air distribution and ventilation effectiveness of wind towers
68 Numerical and experimental study of a solid matrix Electric Thermal Storage unit dedicated to environmentally friendly residential heating system
69 A new method for calculating the thermal effects of irregular internal mass in buildings under demand response
70 Development of an outdoor lighting control system using expert system
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