Energy and buildings, Tập 129, Số 1, 2016

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1 cover
2 ENERGY AND BUILDINGS An international journal devoted to investigations of energy use and effi ciency in buildings
3 Energy metrics of a hybrid earth air heat exchanger system for summer cooling requirements
4 Measured energy use and indoor environment quality in green office buildings in China
5 A study on inherent correlation of thermal performances and condensation free control of the radiant system
6 Exploring future climate trends on the thermal performance of attics: Part 1 – Standard roofs
7 Estimating occupancy in heterogeneous sensor environment
8 Energy savings and guaranteed thermal comfort in hotel rooms through nonlinear model predictive controllers
9 Control of sleep environment of an infant by wide-cover type personalized ventilation
10 Heat transfer analysis of a vertical ground heat exchanger using numerical simulation and multiple regression model
11 Study on improving thermal environment and energy conservation of quadrangle adobe dwelling
12 Ecological sanitation, organic animal farm, and cogeneration: Closing the loop in achieving sustainable development—A concept study with on-site biogas fueled trigeneration retrofit in a 900-bed university hospital
13 Experimental investigation of heat transfer and dehumidifying performance of novel condensing panel
14 The concept of cascade thermochemical storage based on multimaterial system for household applications
15 Incorporating energy rebound effect in technological advancement and green building construction: A case study of China
16 CFD study on aerodynamic power output of a 110 kW building augmented wind turbine
17 Reduction of temperatures and temperature fluctuations by hydroponic green roofs in a subtropical urban climate
18 A proposal of energy performance indicators for a reliable benchmark of swimming facilities
19 Consideration of energy consumption, energy costs, and space occupancy in Finnish daycare centres and school buildings
20 The effects of programmed air temperature changes on sleep quality and energy saving in bedroom
21 Dehumidifier desiccant concentration soft-sensor for a distributed operating Liquid Desiccant Dehumidification System
22 System identification and data fusion for on-line adaptive energy forecasting in virtual and real commercial buildings
23 Effect of borehole short-time-step performance on long-term dynamic simulation of ground-source heat pump system
24 Integrated optimization of energy costs and occupants’ productivity in commercial buildings
25 Solar radiation analyzing by neuro-fuzzy approach
26 Analysis of the differences in thermal comfort between locals and tourists and genders in semi-open spaces under natural ventilation on a tropical island
27 Energy savings due to the use of PCM for relocatable lightweight buildings passive heating and cooling in different weather conditions
28 Multi-criteria assessment for the effective decision management in residential energy retrofitting
29 Study of tubular daylight guide systems in buildings: Experimentation, modelling and validation
30 Prediction of plug loads in office buildings: Simplified and probabilistic methods
31 Do deep low carbon domestic retrofits actually work?
32 Influence of coil pitch on thermal performance of coil-type cast-in-place energy piles
33 NAC wall: An open cycle solar-DEC with naturally driven ventilation
34 Adaptive predictive control of thermo-active building systems (TABS) based on a multiple regression algorithm: First practical test
35 Working fluids selection and parametric optimization of an Organic Rankine Cycle coupled Vapor Compression Cycle (ORC-VCC) for air conditioning using low grade heat
36 Phase change materials (PCM) for cooling applications in buildings: A review
37 Generation of typical meteorological years for the Argentine Littoral Region
38 Induction ratio of active chilled beams − Measurement methods and influencing parameters
39 Exploiting heuristic algorithms to efficiently utilize energy management controllers with renewable energy sources
40 A multi-criteria group decision-making method for the thermal renovation of masonry buildings: The case of Algeria
41 Experimental evaluation of a cooling radiant wall coupled to a ground heat exchanger
42 CO 2 concentration in naturally ventilated classrooms located in different climates—Measurements and simulations
43 Occupancy behavior based model predictive control for building indoor climate—A critical review
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