Energy and buildings, Tập 125, Số 1, 2016

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1 cover
2 ENERGY AND BUILDINGS An international journal devoted to investigations of energy use and effi ciency in buildings
3 Commercial office plug load energy consumption trends and the role of occupant behavior
4 New method for the design of radiant floor cooling systems with solar radiation
5 Drivers of moderate increase in cooling energy use in residential buildings in Hong Kong
6 Glazed spaces: A simplified calculation method for the evaluation of energy savings and interior temperatures
7 Application of neural networks for evaluating energy performance certificates of residential buildings
8 “Review of thermostatic control valves in the European standardization system of the EN 15316-2/EN 215”
9 Application of multi-objective genetic algorithms to interior lighting optimization
10 A new optimization strategy for the operating schedule of energy systems under uncertainty of renewable energy sources and demand changes
11 Nonlinear model predictive control for a heating and cooling system of a low-energy office building
12 Experimental investigations of polymer hollow fibre heat exchangers for building heat recovery application
13 Experimental and numerical study of an earth-to-air heat exchanger for air cooling in a residential building in hot semi-arid climate
14 Investigation of the effects of anisotropic pores on material properties of insulating concrete using computed tomography and probabilistic methods
15 Thermal and mechanical aspects of the response of embedded retaining walls used as shallow geothermal heat exchangers
16 BEES: Real-time occupant feedback and environmental learning framework for collaborative thermal management in multi-zone, multi-occupant buildings
17 A new method for optimizing operation of large neighborhoods of buildings using thermal simulation
18 Experimental analysis on dehumidification performance of an indoor passive falling film liquid desiccant moisture receptacle
19 Cluster analysis of residential heat load profiles and the role of technical and household characteristics
20 Experimental study of drift deposition from mechanical draft cooling towers in urban environments
21 Demand response potential of model predictive control of space heating based on price and carbon dioxide intensity signals
22 A fast daylighting method to optimize opening configurations in building design
23 An occupant-differentiated, higher-order Markov Chain method for prediction of domestic occupancy
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