Energy and buildings, Tập 124, Số 1, 2016

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2 ENERGY AND BUILDINGS An international journal devoted to investigations of energy use and effi ciency in buildings
3 High temperature phase change materials for the overheating protection of facade integrated solar thermal collectors
4 Energy performance assessment of a polygeneration plant in different weather conditions through simulation tools
5 Investigation of thermal performance of semi-transparent PV technologies
6 Parametric analysis for performance enhancement of phase change materials in naturally ventilated buildings
7 An integrated design approach to the development of a vegetal-based thermal plaster for the energy retrofit of buildings
8 An experimental and simulative study on a novel photovoltaic-thermal collector with micro heat pipe array (MHPA-PV/T)
9 Investigating the probability of behavioural responses to cold thermal discomfort
10 Comparative analysis of various heating systems for residential buildings in Mediterranean climate
11 Energy performance analysis of variable reflectivity envelope systems for commercial buildings
12 Energy planning of university campus building complex: Energy usage and coincidental analysis of individual buildings with a case study
13 Sensitivity analysis of heat transfer rate for smart roof design by adaptive neuro-fuzzy technique
14 A stochastic bottom-up model for space heating and domestic hot water load profiles for German households
15 Exergy analysis of two humidification process methods in air-conditioning systems
16 Comparison of energy, exergy and entropy generation-based criteria for evaluating stratified thermal store performances
17 The impact of future scenarios on building refurbishment strategies towards plus energy buildings
18 Context-based thermodynamic modeling of buildings spaces
19 Improvement of a rubber drying greenhouse with a parabolic cover and enhanced panels
20 Assessment of linear emulators in lightweight Bayesian calibration of dynamic building energy models for parameter estimation and performance prediction
21 Optimal operation condition division with profit and losses analysis of energy recovery ventilator
22 An assessment of energy-saving solutions for the envelope design of high-rise buildings in temperate climates: A case study in the Netherlands
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