Computers and structures, Tập 177, Số 1, 2016

Mục lục:

1 cover
2 Computers & Structures
3 Efficient optimization of reliability-constrained structural design problems including interval uncertainty
4 Dynamic compliance optimization: Time vs frequency domain strategies
5 Buckling and vibration extended isogeometric analysis of imperfect graded Reissner-Mindlin plates with internal defects using NURBS and level sets
6 Delamination and transverse crack growth prediction for laminated composite plates and shells q
7 Simulating the breakage of glass under hard body impact using the combined finite-discrete element method
8 A four-node quadrilateral element fitted to numerical manifold method with continuous nodal stress for crack analysis
9 Multi-scale model updating for the mechanical properties of cross- laminated timber
10 Node-based free-form optimization method for vibration problems of shell structures
11 Random aggregate model for mesoscopic structures and mechanical analysis of fully-graded concrete
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