Construction and Building Materials, Tập 102, Số 2, 2016

Mục lục:

1 cover
2 Construction and Building MATERIALS
3 State-of-the-art in timber materials and structures research
4 A comparative study of using static and ultrasonic material testing methods to determine the anisotropic material properties of wood
5 Determination of timber material fracture parameters using mark tracking method
6 Reducing the effect of wave dispersion in a timber pole based on transversely isotropic material modelling
7 A dynamic-based method for the assessment of connection systems of timber composite structures
8 Comparison of multi-storey cross-laminated timber and timber frame buildings by in situ modal analysis
9 On the delamination phenomenon in the repair of timber beams with steel plates
10 Insight into mechanics of externally indeterminate hardwood–concrete composite beams
11 Transverse distribution of internal forces in timber–concrete floors under external point and line loads
12 Environmentally friendly high performance timber–concrete panel
13 Multi-scale characterization of moisture and thermal cycle effects on composite-to-timber strengthening
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