Construction and Building Materials, Tập 111, Số 1, 2016

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1 cover
2 Construction and Building MATERIALS
3 Pervious concrete as a sustainable pavement material – Research findings and future prospects: A state-of-the-art review
4 The effect of w/b and temperature on the hydration and strength of blastfurnace slag cements
5 Plant aggregates and fibers in earth construction materials: A review
6 Near surface mounted strengthening of RC beams using basalt fiber reinforced polymer bars
7 Recycling of autoclaved aerated concrete in floor screeds: Sulfate leaching reduction by ettringite formation
8 Properties of pervious concrete containing recycled concrete block aggregate and recycled concrete aggregate
9 Fatigue performance of steel–concrete composite slabs with a cementitious adhesive subjected to water leakage
10 Transient dynamic behavior of polypropylene fiber reinforced mortar under compressive impact loading
11 Constitutive theory for Recycled Aggregate Concretes subjected to high temperature
12 Steady-state dynamic method: An efficient and effective way to predict dynamic modulus of asphalt concrete
13 Performance of carbonated calcium silicate based cement pastes and mortars exposed to NaCl and MgCl 2 deicing salt
14 Water availability near the surface dominates the evaporation of pervious concrete
15 Behavior of CFRP-confined recycled aggregate concrete under axial compression
16 Application of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) to monitor the corrosion of reinforced concrete: A new approach
17 Preparation of high strength glass ceramic foams from waste cathode ray tube and germanium tailings
18 Analysis of in situ bond strength of bonded concrete overlay
19 Effect of moisture and temperature on thermal properties of three bio-based materials
20 Experimental study on materials composition design and mixture performance of water-retentive asphalt concrete
21 Characterizing the chemical and rheological properties of severely aged reclaimed asphalt pavement materials with high recycling rate
22 Characterization of embrittlement temperature of asphalt materials through implementation of acoustic emission technique
23 Micromechanical response of aggregate skeleton within asphalt mixture based on virtual simulation of wheel tracking test
24 Stress–strain model of cement asphalt mortar subjected to temperature and loading rate
25 Preparation of belite cement from stockpiled high-carbon fly ash using granule-hydrothermal synthesis method
26 Deterioration of natural hydraulic lime mortars, II: Effects of chemically accelerated leaching on physical and mechanical properties of carbonated materials
27 Effect of temperature on mechanical properties and creep responses for wood/PVC composites
28 Geometric indices to quantify textures irregularity of stone masonry walls
29 Protective effect of graded density aluminium foam on RC slab under blast loading – An experimental study
30 Strengthening of steel plates subjected to uniaxial compression using small-diameter CFRP strands
31 The influence of bagasse fibre and fly ash on the long-term properties of green cementitious composites
32 Manufacturing ultra-high performance concrete utilising conventional materials and production methods
33 Effect of hydrophobisation on durability related properties of ceramic brick
34 Engineering properties and fracture behaviour of high volume palm oil fuel ash based fibre reinforced geopolymer concrete
35 Seismic response of PP-band and FRP retrofitted house models under shake table testing
36 Synthesis and strength optimization of one-part geopolymer based on red mud
37 Adding limestone fines as cementitious paste replacement to lower carbon footprint of SCC
38 The effect of type and concentration of activators on flowability and compressive strength of natural pozzolan and slag-based geopolymers
39 Sensitivity of embedded active PZT sensor for concrete structural impact damage detection
40 Mix design, performance and maintenance of Permeable Friction Courses (PFC) in the United States: State of the Art
41 Influence of recycled coarse aggregates on normal and high performance concrete subjected to elevated temperatures
42 Durability performance of sustainable self compacting concretes in precast products due to heat curing
43 Early age hydration of cement pastes with alkaline and alkali-free accelerators for sprayed concrete
44 Improved Mode I fracture resistance of CFRP composites by reinforcing epoxy matrix with recycled short milled carbon fibre
45 Innovative ECC jacketing for retrofitting shear-deficient RC members
46 Influence of fines content on durability of slag cement concrete produced with limestone sand
47 Polypropylene fiber reinforced cement mortars containing rice husk ash and nano-alumina
48 Experimental analysis of Maritime pine and Iroko single shear dowel-type connections
49 An experimental study on the lateral pressure of fresh concrete in formwork
50 The effect of concrete composition on laser scabbling
51 Fatigue durability study of high density polyethylene stay cable sheathing
52 Testing the effectiveness of protective coatings on traditional bricks
53 A probabilistic assessment of the influence of age factor on the service life of concretes with limestone cement/GGBS binders
54 Performance evaluation of bitumen modified with pyrolysis carbon black made from waste tyres
55 Polymer-modified pervious concrete for durable and sustainable transportation infrastructures
56 Hydration of ternary cement in the presence of triisopropanolamine
57 Modeling the thermo-hydro-chemical behavior of cemented coal gangue-fly ash backfill
58 Effects of anisotropic voids on thermal properties of insulating media investigated using 3D printed samples
59 Ultimate bond strength assessment of uncorroded and corroded reinforced recycled aggregate concretes
60 Binder rheological predictive models to evaluate rutting performance of asphalt mixtures
61 Effect of layered double hydroxides on ultraviolet aging properties of different bitumens
62 Effect of free water on the flowability of cement paste with chemical or mineral admixtures
63 Mechanical properties of ETFE foils in form-developing of inflated cushion through flat-patterning
64 Numerical investigation of concrete columns with external FRP jackets subjected to axial loads
65 Fresh properties, mechanical strength and microstructure of fly ash geopolymer paste reinforced with sawdust
66 Properties of treated recycled aggregates and its influence on concrete strength characteristics
67 Characteristics of pervious concrete using incineration bottom ash in place of sandstone graded material
68 Mechanical properties of roller compacted concrete pavement containing coal waste and limestone powder as partial replacements of cement
69 Properties of lightweight fly ash geopolymer concrete containing bottom ash as aggregates
70 Relating asphalt binder elastic recovery properties to HMA crack modeling and fatigue life prediction
71 An investigation into preservation of wood from Venice foundations
72 Experimental study into erosion damage mechanism of concrete materials in a wind-blown sand environment
73 Rheological and chemical characteristics of rubberized binders with non-foaming warm mix additives
74 A coupled hygro-thermal model of early-age concrete based on micro-pore structure evolution
75 A contribution for integrated analysis of railway track performance at transition zones and other discontinuities
76 Research on the mechanism of polymer latex modified cement
77 Fatigue and durability behavior of RC beams strengthened with CFRP under hot-wet environment
78 Study of movement of coarse aggregates in the formation process of asphalt mixture in the laboratory
79 Properties of cementitious material incorporating treated oil sands drill cuttings waste
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