Construction and Building Materials, Tập 110, Số 1, 2016

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1 Cover
2 Construction and Building MATERIALS
3 Flexural behavior of precast concrete segmental beams with hybrid tendons and dry joints
4 The influence of mullite wool waste on the properties of concrete and ceramics
5 Effects of recycled aggregates from construction and demolition wastes on mechanical and permeability properties of paving stone, kerb and concrete pipes
6 Nondestructive evaluation of bending strength of wood with artificial holes by employing air-coupled ultrasonics
7 Monitoring the setting process of eco-binders by ultrasonic P-wave and S-wave transmission velocity measurement: Mortar vs concrete
8 An environmental friendly anti-ageing additive to bitumen
9 Quantitative analysis on ground blast furnace slag behavior in hardened cement pastes based on backscattered electron imaging and image analysis technology
10 Intermittent curing of fly ash geopolymer mortar
11 Fabrication of slaked lime compacts (plasters) with high compressive strength using a warm press method
12 Impact of relative humidity on the mechanical behavior of compacted earth as a building material
13 A simple treatment of electronic-waste plastics to produce asphalt binder additives with improved properties
14 Material characterization and hydraulic conductivity modeling of macroporous recycled-aggregate pervious concrete
15 Using neutron radiography to assess water absorption in air entrained mortar
16 Assessment of the concrete strength in existing buildings using a finite population approach
17 Cold and moderate ambient temperatures effects on expansive pressure development in soundless chemical demolition agents
18 Possibility of using Kütahya Volcanic Tuff as building stone: Microstructural evaluation and strength enhancement through heat treatment
19 Influence of soil gradation, proportion and combination of admixtures on the properties and durability of CSEBs
20 Assessment of test methods for characterizing the hydrophobic nature of surface-treated High Performance Concrete
21 Capillary water absorption in cracked and uncracked mortar – A comparison between experimental study and finite element analysis
22 Characterization and evaluation of the surface free energy for cementitious materials
23 Alginate biopolymers: Counteracting the impact of superabsorbent polymers on mortar strength
24 Performance of photocatalytic cementitious material: Influence of substrate surface microstructure
25 Application of X-ray microtomography to quality assessment of fibre cement boards
26 Quality monitoring of metro grouting behind segment using ground penetrating radar
27 Development and optimisation of phase change material-impregnated lightweight aggregates for geopolymer composites made from aluminosilicate rich mud and milled glass powder
28 Investigation of the impacts of aging and RAP percentages on effectiveness of asphalt binder rejuvenators
29 An investigation of the leaching behavior of trace elements from Spreader Stoker Coal Fly Ashes-based systems
30 Corrosion behaviour of steel in CAC-mixed concrete containing different concentrations of chloride
31 Effect of sulfate attack on the stress–strain relationship of FRP-confined concrete
32 Infrared thermography for assessing moisture related phenomena in building components
33 The wear of Stone Mastic Asphalt due to slow speed high stress simulated laboratory trafficking
34 Investigation of Los Angeles value and alternate aggregate gradations in OGFC mixtures
35 Assessment of effectiveness of rejuvenator on artificially aged porous asphalt concrete
36 Improvement on microstructure of concrete by polycarboxylate superplasticizer (PCE) and its influence on durability of concrete
37 Criteria for repairing damages of CA mortar for prefabricated framework-type slab track
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