Construction and Building Materials, Tập 119, Số 1, 2016

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1 cover
2 Construction and Building MATERIALS
3 Axial compressive behavior of FRP-confined lightweight aggregate concrete: An experimental study and stress-strain relation model
4 Evolutionary trace for early hydration of cement paste using electrical resistivity method
5 NSM Rebar and CFRP laminate strengthening for RC columns subjected to cyclic loading
6 Effect of secondary copper slag as cementitious material in ultra-high performance mortar Romy S. Edwin
7 Durability properties of structural concrete containing very fine aggregates of marble sludge
8 Evaluation of FLWA and SRAs on autogenous deformation and long-term drying shrinkage of high performance concrete
9 Qualitative assessment of concrete by ultrasound tomography
10 The relationship between cellulose nanocrystal dispersion and strength
11 Degradation model of bond performance between deteriorated concrete and corroded deformed steel bars
12 Compressive behavior of the cellular concrete utilizing millimeter-size spherical saturated SAP under high strain-rate loading
13 Effects of graphene oxide on the properties and microstructures of the magnesium potassium phosphate cement paste
14 Preparation and properties of isocyanate and nano particles composite modified asphalt
15 Alkali activated composite binders of waste silica soda lime glass and blast furnace slag: Strength as a function of the composition
16 Evaluation of field concrete deterioration under real conditions of seawater attack
17 The bending properties of bamboo bundle laminated veneer lumber (BLVL) double beams
18 Refined approach for modelling strength enhancement of FRP-confined concrete
19 Corrosion behavior of epoxy-coated reinforced bars in RC test specimens subjected to pre-exposure loading and wetting-drying cycles
20 Cement-less and asphalt-less concrete bounded by recycled plastic
21 Comparative study of characterization and utilization of corncob ashes from gasification process and combustion process
22 Carbon nanotube reinforced alkali-activated slag mortars
23 Compression test of masonry core samples extracted from existing brickwork
24 Damage behaviors of self-compacting concrete and prediction model under coupling effect of salt freeze-thaw and flexural load
25 Effects of different thermal modification media on physical and mechanical properties of moso bamboo
26 Numerical optimization of an impressed current cathodic protection system for reinforced concrete structures
27 Effect of copper slag addition on mechanical behavior of asphalt mixes containing reclaimed asphalt pavement
28 Prediction and modeling of mechanical properties in fiber reinforced self-compacting concrete using particle swarm optimization algorithm and artificial neural network
29 Backcalculation of airport pavement moduli and thickness using the Lévy Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm
30 Experimental investigations of statically indeterminate reinforced glass beams
31 Cements with a high limestone content – Mechanical properties, durability and ecological characteristics of the concrete
32 Material strength safety factors for the seismic safety assessment of existing RC buildings
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