Construction and Building Materials, Tập 118, Số 1, 2016

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1 cover
2 Construction and Building MATERIALS
3 Addition of quartzite residues on mortars: Analysis of the alkali aggregate reaction and the mechanical behavior
4 Development of an estimative model for the optimal tack coat dosage based on aggregate gradation of hot mix asphalt pavements
5 Investigation on characteristics of blended cements containing pumice
6 Development of permeability test method for porous concrete block pavement materials considering clogging
7 Investigation on mechanical properties and microstructure of high performance polypropylene fiber reinforced lightweight aggregate concrete
8 Evaluation of the visco-elasto-plastic behavior of glasphalt mixtures through generalized and classic Burger’s models modification
9 Compressive strength of fly ash-based geopolymer concrete with crumb rubber partially replacing sand
10 Efficiency of near surface mounted technique using fiber reinforced polymers for the flexural strengthening of RC beams
11 Experimental and analytical behaviour of steel-timber composite connections
12 Fresh properties, compressive strength and microstructure of fly ash geopolymer paste blended with iron ore tailing under thermal cycle
13 Numerical and experimental study of small-scale moment-resistant reinforced concrete joints for timber frames
14 Dynamic properties of polyurethane foam-sand mixtures using cyclic triaxial tests
15 Size effect on axial stress-strain behavior of CFRP-confined square concrete columns
16 Effects of confinements on the bond strength between concrete and corroded steel bars
17 Lightweight masonry mortars made with expanded clay and recycled aggregates
18 Influence of chemical additives on mixing procedures and performance properties of asphalt emulsion recycled mixture with reclaimed cement-stabilized macadam
19 Utilization of solid wastes/byproducts from paper mills in Controlled Low Strength Material (CLSM)
20 Test research on the effects of mechanochemically activated iron tailings on the compressive strength of concrete q
21 Effect of activator concentration on the strength, ITZ and drying shrinkage of fly ash/slag geopolymer concrete
22 Optimum concentration of Bacillus megaterium for strengthening structural concrete
23 Medium-term self-healing evaluation of Engineered Cementitious Composites with varying amounts of fly ash and exposure durations
24 Investigation of characteristics and responses of insulating cement paste specimens with Aer solids using X-ray micro-computed tomography
25 Durability of CFRP strengthened steel circular hollow section member exposed to sea water
26 Study on the anticorrosive behavior of new core-shell pigments for protection of reinforced concrete steel in sulfate environment
27 Effect of service temperature on the shear creep response of rigid polyurethane foam used in composite sandwich floor panels
28 Development of a horizontal shifting mechanistic-empirical prediction model for concrete block pavement
29 Study on concrete structure’s durability considering the interaction of multi-factors
30 Improved performance of reinforced rounded dovetail joints
31 Influence of the properties of filler on high and medium temperature performances of asphalt mastic
32 Factors analysis on autogenous volume deformation of MgO concrete and early thermal cracking evaluation
33 Mineralogical evolution of portland cement blended with metakaolin obtained in simultaneous calcination of kaolinitic clay and rice husk
34 The effect of size and replacement content of nanosilica on strength development of cement treated residual soil
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