Construction and Building Materials, Tập 114, Số 1, 2016

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1 cover
2 Metakaolin bottom ash blend geopolymer mortar – A feasibility study
3 Physical and mechanical properties of wood-gypsum composites from demolition material in rehabilitation works
4 Mechanical properties of steel fibre reinforced geopolymer concretes at elevated temperatures
5 Micro-encapsulation of asphalt rejuvenators using melamine-formaldehyde
6 The effects of fibres on the shrinkage of high-strength concrete under various curing temperatures
7 Enhancing behavior of large volume underground concrete structure using expansive agents
8 Strength of bearing area and locking area of galvanized strips in foamed concrete
9 Acoustic emission properties of concrete on dynamic tensile test
10 The effects of mixing rate on morphology and physical properties of bitumen/organo-modified montmorillonite nanocomposites
11 Concrete cover characterisation using dynamic acousto-elastic testing and Rayleigh waves
12 Oil swellable polymer modified cement paste: Expansion and crack healing upon oil absorption
13 Crack propagation speed in ultra high performance concrete (UHPC)
14 Effects of a two-step heating process on the properties of lightweight aggregate prepared with sewage sludge and saline clay
15 Rheological behavior of Japanese cedar-based biobinder as partial replacement for bituminous binder
16 Comparative evaluation of virgin and recycled polypropylene fibre reinforced concrete
17 Performance and design of post-installed large diameter anchors in concrete
18 Synthetic white pigments (white titanium and white zinc) in different binding media. Influence of environmental agents
19 ITZ properties of concrete with carbonated steel slag aggregate in salty freeze-thaw environment
20 Proposing a solvent-free approach to evaluate the properties of blended binders in asphalt mixes containing high quantities of reclaimed asphalt pavement and recycled asphalt shingles
21 Experimental testing and numerical simulation of a temporary rescue bridge using GFRP composite materials
22 Effect of bitumen fluxing using a bio-origin additive
23 The hardening behavior of c -C 2 S binder using accelerated carbonation
24 Monitoring hydration of UHPC and conventional paste by quantitative analysis on Raman patterns
25 Rheological and microstructural properties of foamed epoxy asphalt
26 Evaluation of corrosion resistance properties of N, N -Dimethy ethanolamine corrosion inhibitor in saturated Ca(OH) 2 solution with different concentrations of chloride ions by electrochemical experiments
27 Chloride ingress in cracked and uncracked SHCC under cyclic wetting-drying exposure
28 The study of corrosion resistance of Pokostivskiy granodiorites after processing by various chemical and mechanical methods
29 Evaluation of AASHTO T 324 Hamburg-Wheel Track Device test
30 Evaluation of the long-term performance and life cycle costs of GTR asphalt pavements
31 Time dependence of carbonation resistance of concrete with organic film coatings
32 Geopolymer binders from metakaolin using sodium waterglass from waste glass and rice husk ash as alternative activators: A comparative study
33 Influence of calcium aluminate cement on geopolymerization of natural pozzolan
34 Internal heat liberation and strength development of self-cured geopolymers in ambient curing conditions
35 Enhanced the weatherability of bamboo fiber-based outdoor building decoration materials by rutile nano-TiO 2
36 Residual stress redistribution induced by fatigue in cold-drawn prestressing steel wires
37 High and low temperature properties of nano-particles/polymer modified asphalt
38 Modelling the carbonation of cement pastes under a CO 2 pressure gradient considering both diffusive and convective transport
39 Mechanical, durability and microstructure properties of Cold Asphalt Emulsion Mixtures with different types of filler
40 Models for predicting elastic modulus and tensile strength of carbon, basalt and hybrid carbon-basalt FRP laminates at elevated temperatures
41 Experimental evaluation of longitudinal behavior of continuously reinforced concrete pavement depending on base type
42 Effects of basalt and glass chopped fibers addition on fracture energy and mechanical properties of ordinary concrete: CMOD measurement
43 Utilization of magnetite tailings as aggregates in asphalt mixtures
44 Strength and microstructure evaluation of recycled glass-fly ash geopolymer as low-carbon masonry units
45 Experimental study of the bond performance and mechanical response of GFRP reinforced concrete
46 Study of the thermal stress development of asphalt mixtures using the Asphalt Concrete Cracking Device (ACCD)
47 Homothetic behaviour investigation on fracture toughness of asphalt mixtures using semicircular bending test
48 Laboratory test and numerical study of structural insulated panel strengthened with glass fibre laminate against windborne debris impact
49 Understanding restraint effect of coarse aggregate on the drying shrinkage of self-compacting concrete
50 Influence of sulfur trioxide on volume change and compressive strength of eco-mortar
51 Assessing the wood compressive strength in pile foundations in relation to diagnostic analysis: The example of the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, Venice
52 Assessing the wood compressive strength in pile foundations in relation to diagnostic analysis: The example of the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, Venice
53 Distributed strain sensing to determine the impact of corrosion on bond performance in reinforced concrete
54 Assessment of the mechanical properties of a concrete made by reusing both: Brewery spent diatomite and recycled aggregates
55 Electrochemical impedance interpretation for the fracture toughness of carbon nanotube/cement composites
56 Chemical imaging of historical mortars by Raman microscopy
57 Experimental study on strength and durability of lightweight aggregate concrete containing silica fume
58 A comparative study on the compressive strength prediction models for High Performance Concrete containing nano silica and copper slag using regression analysis and Artificial Neural Networks
59 Structural recycled aggregate concrete made with precast wastes
60 Characterization of pervious concrete through image based micromechanical modeling
61 Properties of the Warm Mix Asphalt involving clinoptilolite and Na-P1 zeolite additives
62 Refined statistical modeling for chloride permeability and strength of concrete containing metakaolin
63 Laboratory evaluation of warm mix asphalt incorporating high RAP proportion by using evotherm and sylvaroad additives
64 Variability in the life cycle of concrete block CO 2 emissions and cumulative energy demand in the Brazilian Market
65 Characterization of manufactured sand: Particle shape, surface texture and behavior in concrete
66 A state-of-the-art review of parameters influencing measurement and modeling of skid resistance of asphalt pavements
67 Experimental investigation on shrinkage and water desorption of the paste in high performance concrete
68 Static and dynamic material properties of CFRP/epoxy laminates
69 Microstructure and durability properties of cement mortars containing nano-TiO 2 and rice husk ash
70 Concrete wedge and coarse sand coating shear connection system in GFRP concrete composite deck
71 Synthesis of nanoSiO 2 @PCE core-shell nanoparticles and its effect on cement hydration at early age
72 A review on the mechanical properties of aged wood and salvaged timber
73 Concrete wedge and coarse sand coating shear connection system in GFRP concrete composite deck
74 Effects of elevated temperature and water quenching on strength and microstructure of mortars with river sand substitutes
75 Production of geopolymer concrete using natural pozzolan: A parametric study
76 Effects of steel fibres on dynamic strength of UHPC
77 Continuous health monitoring of pavement systems using smart sensing technology
78 Performance of concrete made with steel slag and waste glass
79 Comparative properties of a lime mortar with different metakaolin and natron additions
80 Effect of asphalt binder hardness and temperature on fatigue life and complex modulus of hot mixes
81 Creep behaviors and constitutive model for high density polyethylene geogrid and its application to reinforced soil retaining wall on soft soil foundation
82 A parallel between earthquake sequences and acoustic emissions released during fracture process in reinforced concrete structures under flexural loading
83 Structural performance of reinforced strain hardening cementitious composite pipes during monotonic loading
84 The use of rejuvenating agents in production of recycled hot mix asphalt: A systematic review
85 Effects of applied environmental conditions on the pull-out strengths of CFRP-concrete bond
86 Hydration and microstructure of cement-based materials under microwave curing
87 A multiphase micromechanical model for hybrid fiber reinforced concrete considering the aggregate and ITZ effects
88 Design and skid resistance evaluation of skeleton-dense epoxy asphalt mixture for steel bridge deck pavement
89 Stabilization of Recycled Demolition Aggregates by Geopolymers comprising Calcium Carbide Residue, Fly Ash and Slag precursors
90 Preparation and application of the cement-free steel slag cementitious material
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