Applied mathematical modelling., Tập 20, Số 23+24, 2016

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1 cover
2 An overview of smoothed particle hydrodynamics for simulating multiphase flow
3 Mutualisms in a parasitism–predation system consisting of crows, cuckoos and cats
4 Variational formulation for a fractional heat transfer model in firefighter protective clothing
5 Cuckoo search-designated fractal interpolation functions with winner combination for estimating missing values in time series
6 A new self-excited chemo-fluidic oscillator based on stimuli-responsive hydrogels: Mathematical modeling and dynamic behavior
7 Families of frozen orbits of lunar artificial satellites
8 Optimal replenishment quantity for new products and return rate of used products for a retailer
9 Modified shallow water equations for significantly varying seab e ds
10 A Binary differential search algorithm for the 0–1 multidimensional knapsack problem
11 Numerical modeling of free surface flow in hydraulic structures using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
12 Macroscopic modeling of pedestrian flow based on a second-order predictive dynamic model
13 Simulation of the magnetic field generated by square shape Helmholtz coils
14 Numerical simulation and analysis of fluid flow hydrodynamics through a structured array of circular cylinders forming porous medium
15 Coupled longitudinal-transverse-rotational free vibration of post-buckled functionally graded first-order shear deformable micro- and nano-beams based on the Mindlin’s strain gradient theory
16 Train timetabling for an urban rail transit line using a Lagrangian relaxation approach
17 A new model for more effective supplier selection and remanufacturing process in a closed-loop supply chain
18 Adaptive preview control for piecewise discrete-time systems using multiple models
19 Gas–solid flow behaviour prediction for sand in bypass pneumatic conveying with conventional frictional-kinetic model
20 Global existence for a semi-linear Volterra parabolic equation and neutral system with infinite delay
21 Application of a fuzzy ant colony system to solve the dynamic vehicle routing problem with uncertain service time
22 A multiple-state discrete-time Markov chain model for estimating suspended sediment concentrations in open channel flow
23 Steady-state non-isothermal flow model for natural gas transmission in pipes
24 Linear time heteronymous damping in nonlinear parametric systems
25 Mathematical modeling and FDM process parameters optimization using response surface methodology based on Q-optimal design
26 Exact solutions for anti-plane deformation of a cylindrically monoclinic wedge under concentrated loads
27 Dynamic assessment of partially damaged historic masonry bridges under blast-induced ground motion using multi-point shock spectrum method
28 Optimal pricing and ordering in global supply chain management with constraints under random demand
29 Gas-dynamic equations for spatially inhomogeneous gas mixtures with internal degrees of freedom. III. Renormalized reaction rates
30 A comprehensive multidimensional framework for assessing the performance of sustainable supply chains
31 Mathematical analysis of the effect of cuckoo bird’s incubation period in population dynamics
32 Finite element simulation of a gradient elastic half-space subjected to thermal shock on the boundary
33 An improved analysis of free torsional vibration of axially loaded thin-walled beams with point-symmetric open cross-section
34 Amine based CO 2 capture – CFD simulation of absorber performance
35 Stochastic finite element method for free vibration characteristics of random FGM beams
36 Amine based CO 2 capture – CFD simulation of absorber performance
37 A model for burden distribution and gas flow distribution of bell-less top blast furnace with parallel hoppers
38 Concept of modeling uncertainly defined shape of the boundary in two-dimensional boundary value problems and verification of its reliability
39 Numerical solution of a class of delay differential and delay partial differential equations via Haar wavelet
40 Finding equilibrium paths by minimizing external work in dynamic relaxation method
41 A new iterative model updating technique based on least squares minimal residual method using measured modal data
42 Incorporating specific batch characteristics such as chemistry, heat treatment, hardness and grain size into the Wilshire equations for safe life prediction in high temperature applications: An application to 12Cr stainless steel bars for turbine blades
43 Study of heat conduction through a self-heated composite cylinder by Laplace transfer functions
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