Applied mathematical modelling., Tập 20, Số 21+22

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2 Single-machine scheduling problems with machine aging effect and an optional maintenance activity
3 Polynomial interpolation with repeated Richardson extrapolation to reduce discretization error in CFD
4 Optimizing maintenance service contracts through mechanism design theory
5 Numerical solution of the static beam problem by Bernoulli collocation method
6 Characterizing flow resistance in 3-dimensional disordered fibrous structures based on Forchheimer coefficients for a wide range of Reynolds numbers
7 Three-dimensional thermo-hydro-mechanical responses of stratified saturated porothermoelastic material
8 The bullwhip effect in a 3-stage supply chain considering multiple retailers using a moving average method for demand forecasting
9 Combinatorial approach to exactly solving discrete and hybrid berth allocation problem
10 Modeling heat transport in nanofluids with stagnation point flow using fractional calculus
11 An accelerated version of alternating direction method of multipliers for TV minimization in EIT
12 Numerical simulations of HI decomposition in coated wall membrane reactor and comparison with packe d b e d configuration
13 Analytical analysis of sleeve permeability for output performance of high speed permanent magnet generators driven by micro gas turbines
14 3-D prediction of alloy solidification in the presence of turbulent fow in a vertical direct chill caster with a porous filter near the top
15 A CFD analysis of slag properties, electrode shape and immersion depth effects on electric submerged arc furnace heating in ferronickel processing
16 Robust functional analysis for fault detection in power transmission lines
17 Analytical and numerical solutions of electrical circuits describ e d by fractional derivatives
18 A three-dimensional transient thermal-fluid flow-compositional study of ingot casting during electron beam remelting of Ti–6Al–4V
19 Measuring the performance of a dehydration plant of apples
20 Mathematical analysis of HIV/AIDS stochastic dynamic models
21 Analytical and numerical solution to the nonlinear cubic Duffing equation: An application to electrical signal analysis of distribution lines
22 Numerical study of MHD natural convection inside a sinusoidally heated lid-driven cavity filled with Fe 3 O 4 -water nanofluid in the presence of Joule heating
23 Fitted Q-iteration by Functional Networks for control problems
24 A probabilistic method for forensic cost estimating of infrastructure projects
25 The effect of velocity based packing schemes on macrosegregation development in simulations of equiaxed solidification
26 A unified solution for free in-plane vibration of orthotropic circular, annular and sector plates with general boundary conditions
27 A dual beam model for geosynthetic-reinforced granular fill on an elastic foundation
28 The point-to-point multi-region energy-saving trajectory planning for a mechatronic elevator system
29 Dynamic Stiffness Method for free vibration of composite cylindrical shells containing fluid
30 Adaptive memory artificial bee colony algorithm for green vehicle routing with cross-docking
31 Deformation modelling of structures enriched by inter-element continuity condition based on multi-sensor data fusion
32 Modelling and experimental validation of a planar 2-dof cobot as a differential-algebraic equation system
33 Coordinating a supply chain for deteriorating items with multi-factor-dependent demand over a finite planning horizon
34 Solving linear and quadratic random matrix differential equations: A mean square approach
35 CFD investigation of hydrodynamics, heat transfer and cracking reactions in a large-scale fluidized catalytic cracking riser
36 A sharpness preserving scheme for interfacial flows
37 Generalization of the super ellipsoid concept and its application in mechanics
38 Mean first-passage time of second-order and under-damped asymmetric bistable model
39 Dual-channel supply chain: A strategy to maximize profit
40 Modelling effects of treatment at home on tuberculosis transmission dynamics
41 Static interaction analysis between a Timoshenko beam and layered soils by analytical layer element/boundary element method coupling
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