Applied mathematical modelling., Tập 40, Số 19+20, 2016

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1 Cover
2 Propagation of envelope bright breather coupled wave modes in Ablowitz–Ladik chains
3 Type-I censored sequential k -out-of- n systems
4 A stochastic generation method for the two-dimensional geometry modeling of concretes with high contents of star domain aggregates
5 Improve d likelihood-base d inference in Birnbaum–Saunders nonlinear regression models
6 Modeling of a continuous sewage sludge paddle dryer by coupling Markov chains with penetration theory
7 Undamped eigenperiods of a sea-based gravity monotower
8 Regularized solution of an inverse source problem for a time fractional diffusion equation
9 Adaptive robust nonlinear feedback control of chaos in PMSM system with modeling uncertainty
10 Modelling and parameter identification of a nonlinear enzyme-catalytic time-delayed switched system and its parallel optimization
11 Quadrature filters for one-step randomly delayed measurements
12 Application of breeding ensemble to tropical cyclone track forecasts using the Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (RAMS) model
13 Rayleigh wave on the half-space with a gradient piezoelectric layer and imperfect interface
14 A new generalized burn-in procedure for items in stochastically evolving population
15 The SEIQS stochastic epidemic model with external source of infection
16 Efficiency of irreversible Brayton cycles at minimum entropy generation
17 Observer-based fault detection and accommodation for nonlinear time-delay systems with a prescrib e d performance mechanism
18 Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamic simulation of hydraulic jump using periodic open boundaries
19 Approximate d close d-form minimum-cost solution to the ( r , q ) policy with complete backordering and further developments
20 Bayes estimation of dynamic cumulative residual entropy for Pareto distribution under type-II right censored data
21 Hybrid flow modelling approach applied to automotive catalysts
22 Joint determination of process mean, price differentiation, and production decisions with demand leakage: A multi-objective approach
23 In-plane stress analysis of dissimilar materials with multiple interface cracks
24 Identifying major zones of an iron ore sintering b e d
25 Numerical study of multiphase droplet dynamics and contact angles by smoothed particle hydrodynamics
26 Balise arrangement optimization for train station parking via expert knowledge and genetic algorithm
27 A re duce d-order model of mould heat transfer in the continuous casting of steel
28 Thermal stress singularity analysis for V-notches by natural boundary element method
29 Edge-base d smoothe d extende d finite element method for dynamic fracture analysis
30 Variability quantification of excess pressure head in heterogeneous deformable aquifers
31 A three dimensional simulation of a rubber curing process considering variable order of reaction
32 Inventory lot-size policies for deteriorating items with expiration dates and advance payments
33 Numerical simulation of diesel injector nozzle flow and in-cylinder spray evolution
34 3-D numerical consideration of nozzle structure on combustion and emission characteristics of DI diesel injector
35 Rayleigh wave dispersion in an irregular sandy Earth’s crust over orthotropic mantle
36 On implicit integration of the bounding surface model based on swell–shrink rules
37 Mathematical modelling and two-stage identification for a motor–toggle mechanism with clamping effect
38 Spline-based modelling of near-surface wind speeds in tropical cyclones
39 Erosion of plugged tees in exhaust pipes through variously-sized cuttings
40 Diffusive terms for the conservation of mass equation in SPH
41 Reflection/refraction of qP/qSV wave in layered self-reinforced media
42 High order fuzzy time series forecasting method based on an intersection operation
43 On Orthogonal Feature Extraction model with applications in medical prognosis
44 Imperfect economic production quantity model with upstream trade credit periods linked to raw material order quantity and downstream trade credit periods
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