Applied mathematical modelling., Tập 20, Số 17+18, 2016

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1 cover
2 Advances in Numerical Modelling of Hydrodynamics Workshop, University of Sheffield, UK, March 24-25, 2015
3 Preface Special Issue “Advances in Numerical Modelling of Hydrodynamics”
4 Efficiency and accuracy of Lateralized HLL, HLLS and Augmented Roe’s scheme with energy balance for river flows in irregular channels
5 Shallow water equations with depth-dependent anisotropic porosity for subgrid-scale topography
6 Particle diffusion in non-equilibrium b e dload transport simulations
7 Variational finite element methods for waves in a Hele-Shaw tank
8 Explicit calculation of natural aeration using a Volume-of-Fluid model
9 A comparison between bottom-discontinuity numerical treatments in the DG framework
10 Discretization of the divergence formulation of the b e d slope term in the shallow-water equations and consequences in terms of energy balance
11 A fuzzy stochastic multi-objective optimization model to configure a supply chain considering new product development
12 Simulation of softening kinetics and microstructural events in aluminum alloy subjected to single and multi-pass rolling operations
13 The effect of Lévy noise on the survival of a stochastic competitive model in an impulsive polluted environment
14 Nonlinear bending and vibration of functionally graded tubes resting on elastic foundations in thermal environment based on a refined beam model
15 Numerical validation of the conjecture of a subglacial lake at Amundsenisen, Svalbard
16 A novel stiffness/flexibility-based method for Euler–Bernoulli/Timoshenko beams with multiple discontinuities and singularities
17 Emergence of coexistence and limit cycles in the chemostat model with flocculation for a general class of functional responses
18 Joint replenishment model for multiple products with substitution
19 Thermo-elastic analysis of a functionally graded rotating hollow circular disk with variable thickness and angular speed
20 Simulations of dynamic properties of particles in horizontal rotating ellipsoidal drums
21 Mathematical modeling and sensitivity analysis of arterial anastomosis in the arm
22 Level set evolution model for image segmentation based on variable exponent p-Laplace equation
23 Large eddy simulation of flow and mass exchange in an embayment with or without vegetation
24 A numerical solution for Laplace and Poisson’s equations using geometrical transformation and graph products
25 A priority based assignment problem
26 Two-stage assembly scheduling problem for minimizing total tardiness with setup times
27 An advanced numerical modeling for Riesz space fractional advection–dispersion equations by a meshfree approach
28 Sludge disintegration
29 Stability estimates for point sources identification problem using reciprocity gap concept via the Helmholtz equation
30 Nanoparticle mass detection by single and multilayer graphene sheets: Theory and simulations
31 Nonlinear dynamics of straight fluid-conveying pipes with general boundary conditions and additional springs and masses
32 Modeling battery cells under discharge using kinetic and stochastic battery models
33 Curvilinear squeeze film bearing with rough surfaces lubricated by a Rabinowitsch–Rotem–Shinnar fluid
34 An integrated supply chain configuration model and procurement management under uncertainty: A set-based robust optimization methodology
35 Determination of Robin coefficient in a fractional diffusion problem
36 A numerical study of the pull-in instability in some free boundary models for MEMS
37 A generalized Mittag-Leffler function to describe nonexponential chemical effects
38 Impact of wind power generation on a large scale power system using stochastic linear stability
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