Applied mathematical modelling., Tập 20, Số 15+16, 2016

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1 Cover
2 Characterisation of stresses on microcarriers in a stirred bioreactor
3 Convergence of variational iteration method applied to two-point diffusion problems
4 Characterization of the velocity fields generated by flow initialization in the CFD simulation of multiphase flows
5 CFD-aided mathematical modeling of thermal vapor compressors in multiple effects distillation units
6 Squeeze casting process modeling by a conventional statistical regression analysis approach
7 Research on the shift strategy of HMCVT based on the physical parameters and shift time
8 Dynamic non-probabilistic reliability evaluation and service life prediction for arch dams considering time-varying effects
9 Higher-order statistics for power systems: Effects of the sampling frequency on ergodicity
10 A central scheme for advecting scalars by velocity fields obtained from Finite Volume multiphase incompressible solvers
11 Simultaneous determination of the strain hardening exponent, the shear modulus and the elastic stress limit in an inverse problem
12 New energy-preserving schemes for Klein–Gordon–Schrödinger equations
13 Semi-analytical modeling of cutouts in rectangular plates with variable thickness – Free vibration analysis
14 The influence of flow and thermal properties on injection pressure and cooling time prediction
15 Enriched finite element methods for Timoshenko beam free vibration analysis
16 A semi-analytical solution for multilayer diffusion in a composite medium consisting of a large number of layers
17 Bayes, E-Bayes and robust Bayes prediction of a future observation under precautionary prediction loss functions with applications
18 Modified homotopy perturbation method for optimal control problems using the Padé approximant
19 The spreading fronts of an infective environment in a man–environment–man epidemic model
20 Vendor managed inventory with consignment stock agreement for a supply chain with defective items
21 Theory for dielectrics considering the direct and converse flexoelectric effects and its finite element implementation
22 Calculation method of the contact area in flank machining for continuous generating grinding
23 Multiple coherence resonance and synchronization transitions induced by autaptic delay in Newman–Watts neuron networks
24 Flow field and traverse times for fan forced injection of fumigant via circular or annular inlet into stored grain
25 Properties, estimations and predictions for a Poisson-half-logistic distribution based on progressively type-II censored samples
26 An accurate fingerprint orientation modeling algorithm
27 The spreading residue harmonic balance study on the vibration frequencies of tapered beams
28 Expe dite d constraine d multi-objective aerodynamic shape optimization by means of physics-based surrogates
29 Simulation of fatigue delamination growth in composite laminates under mode I loading
30 Re duce d-order modeling of linear time invariant systems using big bang big crunch optimization and time moment matching method
31 A new approach to the real-time assessment of the clear-sky direct normal irradiance
32 Traveling waves in a diffusive influenza epidemic model with vaccination
33 Configuration and singularity analysis of a parallel hip joint simulator based on the forward kinematics
34 Reconsiderations on boundary conditions of Kirchhoff micro-plate model based on a strain gradient elasticity theory
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