Applied mathematical modelling., Tập 20, Số 13+14, 2016

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1 Cover
2 Numerical investigations of a partition-of-unity based “FE-Meshfree” QUAD4 element with radial-polynomial basis functions for acoustic problems
3 Fundamental mode of freely decaying laminar swirling flows
4 Weighted input to state stability for delay coupled systems on networks
5 Closed-loop supply chain coordination strategy for the remanufacture of patented products under competitive demand
6 Coupled electro-mechanical surface responses induced by electro-mechanical loading moving steadily on piezoelectric half-plane solids
7 Laguerre–Galerkin methods with re duce d sum-products
8 Two-sided assembly line balancing problem with parallel performance capacity
9 Validation and optimization of the thermal cycle for a diesel engine by computational fluid dynamics modeling
10 Investigation on cornering brake stability of a heavy-duty vehicle based on a nonlinear three-directional coupled model
11 An optimized method for software reliability model based on nonhomogeneous Poisson process
12 Modeling logistics service providers in a non-cooperative supply chain
13 Strongly overdamped Dissipative Particle Dynamics for fluid-solid systems
14 A multiphase lattice Boltzmann method for simulating immiscible liquid-liquid interface dynamics
15 Bayesian methods for characterizing unknown parameters of material models
16 A quadratic inverse eigenvalue problem in damped structural model updating
17 Optimal forced vibration control of a smart plate
18 Numerical resizing study of Al 2 O 3 and CuO nanofluids in the flat tubes of a radiator
19 An analytical approach to model the hysteretic bending behavior of spiral strands
20 Application of Benders decomposition method in solution of a fixed-charge multicommodity network design problem avoiding congestion
21 Mathematical and numerical analysis of low-frequency scattering from a PEC ring torus in a conductive medium
22 Sugeno fuzzy inference algorithm and its application in epicentral intensity prediction
23 Load transfer from an axially loaded pile to multilayered saturate d me dia
24 Recursive maximum likelihood method for the identification of Hammerstein ARMAX system
25 Multi-depot vehicle routing problem with time windows considering delivery and installation vehicles
26 Modelling and stability of HIV/AIDS epidemic model with treatment
27 Thermomechanical interactions in transversely isotropic magnetothermoelastic medium with vacuum and with and without energy dissipation with combined effects of rotation, vacuum and two temperatures
28 Large-eddy simulations of an autorotating square flat plate
29 Two-dimensional formulation for inverse heat conduction problems by the calibration integral equation method (CIEM)
30 Beta Sarhan–Zaindin modified Weibull distribution
31 Sensitivity analysis of correlated inputs: Application to a riveting process model
32 Numerical solution of time-fractional nonlinear PDEs with proportional delays by homotopy perturbation method
33 Model reduction of discrete-time bilinear systems by a Laguerre expansion technique
34 Fractional anomalous diffusion with Cattaneo–Christov flux effects in a comb-like structure
35 Optimal experiment design for identification of ARX models with constrained output in non-Gaussian noise
36 An analytical solution to the thermal problems with varying boundary conditions around a moving source
37 Process quality adjusted lot sizing and marketing interface in JIT environment
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