Applied mathematical modelling., Tập 20, Số 11+12, 2016

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2 3-D elasticity buckling solution for simply supported thick rectangular plates using displacement potential functions
3 Nonlocal orthotropic shell model applied on wave propagation in microtubules
4 An improved grey multivariable model for predicting industrial energy consumption in China
5 Analytical solution to the 1D Lemaitre’s isotropic damage model and plane stress projected implicit integration procedure
6 Equilibrium pricing strategies in retrial queueing systems with complementary services
7 Stability and Hopf-bifurcation in a general Gauss type two-prey and one-predator system
8 The numerical simulation of the tempered fractional Black–Scholes equation for European double barrier option
9 Numerical investigation on the dynamic behavior of sheet/cloud cavitation regimes around hydrofoil
10 Wave propagation in nonlocal microstretch solid
11 The analysis of beams on layered poroelastic soils with anisotropic permeability and compressible pore fluid
12 Formulation of three-dimensional equations of motion for train–slab track–bridge interaction system and its application to random vibration analysis
13 Geometric degree of nonconservativity: Set of solutions for the linear case and extension to the differentiable non-linear case
14 The effect of coflows on a turbulent jet impacting on a plate
15 Bio-inspired computing platform for reliable solution of Bratu-type equations arising in the modeling of electrically conducting solids
16 Mechanistic models for predicting specific energy consumption and throughput of palm nut–pulp separator
17 Non-local behavior of two collinear mixed-mode limited-permeable cracks in a functionally graded piezoelectric medium
18 Multi-field coupling static bending of a finite length inhomogeneous double-layered structure with inner hollow cylinder and outer shell
19 Deriving an exergetic economic production quantity model for better sustainability
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