Applied mathematical modelling., Tập 20, Số 9+10, 2016

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2 Comparison of two volume balance fully implicit approaches in conjunction with unstructured grids for compositional reservoir simulation
3 Modeling of shield-ground interaction using an adaptive relevance vector machine
4 Prepositioning emergency earthquake response supplies: A new multi-objective particle swarm optimization algorithm
5 H ∞ adaptive control for uncertain Markovian jump systems with general unknown transition rates
6 Efficient and consistent reliability analysis of soil slope stability using both limit equilibrium analysis and finite element analysis
7 Duality system-based derivation of the modified scaled boundary finite element method in the time domain and its application to anisotropic soil
8 High dimensional Kriging metamodelling utilising gradient information
9 Negative ageing properties for counting processes arising in virtual age models
10 Anomalous spreading and misidentification of spatial random walk models
11 An exact analytical solution of an R -linear conjugation problem for a n -phased concentric circular heterogeneous structure
12 Perturbation-base d simplifie d models for unsteady incompressible microchannel flows
13 Analysis of the dynamics of thin isotropic cylindrical shell in asymptotic approach
14 Identification of wall-thinning and cracks in pipes utilizing vibration modes and wavelets
15 Improved Bessel collocation method for linear Volterra integro-differential equations with piecewise intervals and application of a Volterra population model
16 Approximate solution of the inverse Richards’ problem
17 Fixed input allocation methods based on super CCR efficiency invariance and practical feasibility
18 Three-dimensional analytical solutions for the axisymmetric bending of functionally graded annular plates
19 Efficient topology preserving triangular remeshing algorithm with adaptive vertices insertion
20 Topology optimization of Stokes flow using an implicit coupled level set method
21 Adaptive spiral dynamics metaheuristic algorithm for global optimisation with application to modelling of a flexible system
22 Stability of natural convection in a vertical dielectric couple stress fluid layer in the presence of a horizontal AC electric field
23 EOQ model with batch demand and planned backorders
24 A new analytical solution for agglomerate growth undergoing Brownian coagulation
25 Modeling and analysis of a non-autonomous single-species model with impulsive and random perturbations
26 Lorentz covariance of heat conduction laws and a Lorentz-covariant heat conduction model
27 Analytical approximation and numerical studies of one-dimensional elliptic equation with random coefficients
28 Well posedness of an angiogenesis related integrodifferential diffusion model
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