Applied mathematical modelling., Tập 20, Số 7+8, 2016

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2 A posteriori global error estimator based on the error in the constitutive relation for re duce d basis approximation of parametrized linear elastic problems
3 Finite-time stability of impulsive fractional-order systems with time-delay
4 Spatial dynamics for a non-quasi-monotone reaction-diffusion system with delay and quiescent stage
5 Mathematical modeling of the overall time-dependent behavior of non-ageing viscoelastic reinforced composites
6 Bottleneck easing-based assignment of work and product mixture determination: fuzzy assembly line balancing approach
7 A SPH solver for simulating paramagnetic solid fluid interaction in the presence of an external magnetic field
8 Observer-based adaptive fuzzy control of a class of nonlinear systems with unknown symmetric nonlinear dead zone input
9 A conceptual fatigue-motivation model to represent pedestrian movement during stair evacuation
10 Numerical method to initial-boundary value problems for fractional partial differential equations with time-space variable coefficients
11 Fuzzy uncertainty propagation in composites using Gram–Schmidt polynomial chaos expansion
12 Kronecker product splitting preconditioners for implicit Runge-Kutta discretizations of viscous wave equations
13 Multiple sparse-grid Gauss–Hermite filtering
14 Time-domain simulation of second-order irregular wave diffraction based on a hybrid water wave radiation condition
15 An adaptive method to parameter identification and synchronization of fractional-order chaotic systems with parameter uncertainty
16 Coupled mechanical and fluid flow analysis in fractured saturated porous media using the XFEM
17 Nonlinear coupled dynamics of an asymmetric double-disc rotor-bearing system under rub-impact and oil-film forces
18 A computational modeling and simulation of spatial dynamics in biological systems
19 A novel implementation of computational aerodynamic shape optimisation using Modified Cuckoo Search D.S. Naumann
20 Quasi-molecular modeling of a single supercooled large droplet impact
21 Solution of multiple confocally elliptical layers with dissimilar properties in antiplane elasticity with eigenstrains and remote loading
22 The numerical solution of advection–diffusion problems using new cubic trigonometric B-splines approach
23 A simple parametric method to generate all optimal solutions of fuzzy solid transportation problem
24 Electro-elastic fields around two arbitrarily-shaped holes in a finite electrostrictive solid
25 Differential quadrature procedure for in-plane vibration analysis of variable thickness circular arches traversed by a moving point load
26 A mixed decomposition-spline approach for the numerical solution of a class of singular boundary value problems
27 Incremental modeling of a new high-order polynomial surrogate model
28 Numerical analysis of dual-phase-lag heat transfer for a moving finite medium subjected to laser heat source
29 Application of the improved cavitation model to turbulent cavitating flow in fuel injector nozzle
30 An improve d multidimensional parallelepipe d non-probabilistic model for structural uncertainty analysis
31 Interaction between collapsing bubble and viscoelastic solid: Numerical modelling and simulation
32 Periodic solutions in a herbivore-plant system with time delay and spatial diffusion
33 Micromixing effects on the dynamic behavior of continuous stirred tank reactors
34 A novel analytical - numerical solution for nonlinear time-dependent electro-thermo-mechanical creep behavior of rotating disk made of piezoelectric polymer
35 Modeling of a falling-film photocatalytic reactor: Fluid dynamics for turbulent regime
36 Targeting the quiescent cells in cancer chemotherapy treatment: Is it enough?
37 Mathematical model of transmission dynamics of human immune-deficiency virus: A case study for Yunnan, China
38 Research on the novel recursive discrete multivariate grey prediction model and its applications
39 Inverse source problem for a time-fractional diffusion equation with nonlocal boundary conditions
40 Sine-Cosine Wavelets Approach in Numerical Evaluation of Hankel Transform for Seismology
41 A mathematical model for the effect of obesity on cancer growth and on the immune system response
42 Uncertain models on railway transportation planning problem
43 Numerical determination for solving the symmetric eigenvector problem using genetic algorithm
44 A high-order spectral method for the multi-term time-fractional diffusion equations
45 Reliability analysis of processes with moving cracked material
46 Fast diffusion wavelet method for partial differential equations
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