Applied mathematical modelling., Tập 20, Số 5+6, 2016

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2 Interaction of radiation with orthogonal representative elements of highly porous materials
3 Caution with respect to “new” variable separation solutions and their corresponding localized structures
4 Multi-class time reliability-based congestion pricing model based on a degradable transportation network
5 A multiproduct batch plant design model incorporating production planning and scheduling decisions under a multiperiod scenario
6 Dynamical behaviors, circuit realization, chaos control, and synchronization of a new fractional order hyperchaotic system
7 Dynamic response of a moving load on a micropolar half-space with irregularity
8 Streamline approach to die design and investigation of material flow during the vortex extrusion process
9 Polarized-radiation transfer in atmospheric aggregates using the Mie-Rayleigh limit
10 Population dynamics of a mathematical model for syphilis
11 A boundary element method formulation for modal analysis of doubly curved thick shallow shells
12 Green’s function for frequency analysis of thin annular plates with nonlinear variable thickness
13 Demand-oriented multi-objective planning method for electronic product technology development
14 Legendre spectral element method for solving time fractional modified anomalous sub-diffusion equation
15 Bending and twisting friction models in soft-sphere discrete element simulations for static and dynamic problems
16 Interpretive structural modeling-analytic network process integrated framework for evaluating sustainable supply chain management alternatives
17 An efficient network for disaster management: Model and solution
18 A note on a two variable block replacement policy for a system subject to non-homogeneous pure birth shocks
19 Numerical method for stability analysis of functionally graded beams on elastic foundation
20 Switched constrained linear adaptive identifier for the trichloroethylene elimination in sequential upflow anaerobic sludge blanket
21 Comparison of two models for human-structure interaction
22 Numerical simulation of the interactions among multiple turbulent swirling jets mounted in unbalanced positions
23 The influences of the engine design and operating parameters on the performance of a turbocharged and steam injected diesel engine running with the Miller cycle
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