Transportation research part E: logistics and transportation review , Tập 95, Số 1, 2016-11

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1 Cover
2 Introduction
3 Determinants of port centrality in maritime container transportation /Yuhong Wang a , Kevin Cullinane
4 Port connectivity in a logistic network: The case of Bohai Bay, China q /Grace W.Y. Wang a, ⇑ , Qingcheng Zeng b , Kevin Li c , Jinglei Yang
5 Analyzing the spatial–temporal evolution of a gateway’s hinterland: A case study of Shanghai, China /Jinglei Yang a , Meifeng Luo b, ⇑ , Abing Ji
6 A strategic model of port-hinterland freight distribution networks /Ronald A. Halim a, ⇑ , Jan H. Kwakkel a , Lóránt A. Tavasszy a,
7 Estimation of interregional input–output table using hybrid algorithm of the RAS method and real-coded genetic algorithm /Tomoru Hiramatsu a , Hiroki Inoue b, ⇑ , Yasuhiko Kato
8 A Generalized Nash Equilibrium network model for post-disaster humanitarian relief /Anna Nagurney a, ⇑ , Emilio Alvarez Flores a , Ceren Soylu
9 Modeling the joint choice of access modes and flight routes with parallel structure and random heterogeneity /Chih-Wen Yang ⇑ , Pei-Han Liao
10 A rolling horizon approach to the high speed train rescheduling problem in case of a partial segment blockage /Shuguang Zhan a , Leo G. Kroon b,c , Jun Zhao a , Qiyuan Peng
11 The effect of continuous improvement capacity on the relationship between of corporate social performance and business performance in maritime transport in Singapore /Kum Fai Yuen a , Vinh V. Thai b, ⇑ , Yiik Diew Wong
12 Stable vessel-cargo matching in dry bulk shipping market with price game mechanism /Zixuan Peng a,b , Wenxuan Shan b , Feng Guan b , Bin Yu
13 An adaptive large-neighborhood search heuristic for a multi- period vehicle routing problem /Iman Dayarian a, ⇑ , Teodor Gabriel Crainic b,d , Michel Gendreau c,d , Walter Rei
14 Multi-objective supplier selection and order allocation under disruption risk /S. PrasannaVenkatesan a, ⇑ , M. Goh b
15 Reliable design of an integrated supply chain with expedited shipments under disruption risks /Jianxun Cui a , Meng Zhao a , Xiaopeng Li b, ⇑ , Mohsen Parsafard b , Shi An a, ⇑ a
16 Experience conditioning in commuter modal choice modelling – Does it make a difference? /David A. Hensher ⇑ , Chinh Q. Ho
17 Arc routing problems to restore connectivity of a road network /Maziar Kasaei a , F. Sibel Salman
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