Transportation research part E: logistics and transportation review , Tập 94, Số 1, 2016-11

Mục lục:

1 Cover
2 Introducton
3 A hybrid decomposition algorithm for designing a multi-modal transportation network under biomass supply uncertainty /Sushil Raj Poudel, Mohammad Marufuzzaman, Linkan Bian
4 A milk collection problem with blending /Germán Paredes-Belmar a,b , Vladimir Marianov c, ⇑ , Andrés Bronfman a,b , Carlos Obreque d , Armin Lüer-Villagra
5 A robust optimization approach to the integrated berth allocation and quay crane assignment problem /Xiao Ting Shang a , Jin Xin Cao b, ⇑ , Jie Ren
6 Default risk drivers in shipping bank loans /Manolis G. Kavussanos a, ⇑ , Dimitris A. Tsouknidis
7 Port multi-service congestion /Wayne K. Talley a, ⇑ , ManWo Ng
8 On the multi-dimensionality and sampling of air transport networks /Seddik Belkoura a,b, ⇑ , Andrew Cook c , José Maria Peña b,d , Massimiliano Zanin
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