Transportation research part E: logistics and transportation review , Tập 91, Số 1, 2016-7

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1 Cover
2 Introduction
3 Shipping route choice across geographies: Coastal vs. landlocked countries q /Mona Kashiha a,b, ⇑ , Jean-Claude Thill b , Craig A. Depken II
4 A comparison of two exact methods for passenger railway rolling stock (re)scheduling /Jørgen T. Haahr a , Joris C. Wagenaar b, ⇑ , Lucas P. Veelenturf c , Leo G. Kroon
5 Optimal traffic calming: A mixed-integer bi-level programming model for locating sidewalks and crosswalks in a multimodal transportation network to maximize pedestrians’ safety and network usability /Eghbal Rashidi a, ⇑ , Mohsen Parsafard b , Hugh Medal a , Xiaopeng L
6 Robust planning and disruption management in roll-on roll-off liner shipping /Andreas Fischer a , Håkon Nokhart a , Henrik Olsen a , Kjetil Fagerholt a,b , Jørgen Glomvik Rakke c , Magnus Stålhane a, ⇑
7 Integrated inventory-transportation model by synchronizing delivery and production cycles /Y.C.E. Lee a, ⇑ , Chi Kin Chan a , A. Langevin b , H.W.J. Lee
8 Dynamic volatility spillovers across shipping freight markets /Dimitris A. Tsouknidis
9 Effect of variable transportation and carbon emission in a three-echelon supply chain model /Biswajit Sarkar a , Baishakhi Ganguly b , Mitali Sarkar a, ⇑ , Sarla Pareek
10 Fair profit contract for a carrier collaboration framework in a green hub network under soft time-windows: Dual lexicographic max–min approach /Amir Hossein Niknamfar a , Seyed Taghi Akhavan Niaki
11 Combinatorial clock-proxy exchange for carrier collaboration in less than truck load transportation /Haoxun Chen
12 Traffic managements for household travels in congested morning commute /Zehui Jia a,b , David Z.W. Wang b, ⇑ , Xingju Cai
13 Making dynamic ride-sharing work: The impact of driver and rider flexibility /Mitja Stiglic a, ⇑ , Niels Agatz b , Martin Savelsbergh c , Mirko Gradisar
14 The Self-Learning Particle Swarm Optimization approach for routing pickup and delivery of multiple products with material handling in multiple cross-docks /Mu-Chen Chen a, ⇑ , Yu-Hsiang Hsiao b , Reddivari Himadeep Reddy c , Manoj Kumar Tiwari c
15 Optimization models for placement of an energy-aware electric vehicle charging infrastructure /Zonggen Yi ⇑ , Peter H. Bauer
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