Transportation research part E: logistics and transportation review , Tập 89, Số 1, 2016-5

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1 Cover
2 Introduction
3 Reducing the wasted transportation capacity of Personal Rapid Transit systems: An integrated model and multi-objective optimization approach /Olfa Chebbi a, ⇑ , Jouhaina Chaouachi
4 Improving service quality in public transportation systems using automated customer feedback /Anselmo Stelzer a, ⇑ , Frank Englert b , Stephan Hörold c , Cindy Mayas
5 Dynamic road lane management study q A Smart City application /Chen Wang a , Bertrand David a, ⇑ , René Chalon a , Chuantao Yin
6 Mergers and service quality in the airline industry: A silver lining for air travelers? /Adams B. Steven a, ⇑ , Amirhossein Alamdar Yazdi a , Martin Dresne
7 Stochastic optimization for investment in facilities in emergency prevention /Shao-Long Hu a , Chuan-Feng Han a, ⇑ , Ling-Peng Meng b,a a
8 The Electric Traveling Salesman Problem with Time Windows /R. Roberti a, ⇑ , M. Wen b
9 Decomposition approach for integrated intermodal logistics network design /Mohammad Ghane-Ezabadi, Hector A. Vergar
10 A model for a multi-size inland container transportation problem /Julia Funke ⇑ , Herbert Kopfer
11 The price of anarchy in competitive reverse supply chains with quality-dependent price-only contracts /Yu-Sen Ye a , Zu-Jun Ma b, ⇑ , Ying Dai
12 Analysis of the Chinese Airline Network as multi-layer networks /Wen-Bo Du a,b,c, ⇑ , Xing-Lian Zhou a,b,c , Oriol Lordan d , Zhen Wang e , Chen Zhao f , Yan-Bo Zhu
13 US airport ownership, efficiency, and heterogeneity /Levent Kutlu a, ⇑ , Patrick McCarthy
14 Understanding overall output efficiency in public transit systems: The roles of input regulations, perceived budget and input subsidies /K. Obeng, R. Sakano, C. Naanwaab
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