Transportation research part E: logistics and transportation review , Tập 87, Số 1, 2016-3

Mục lục:

1 Cover
2 Introduction
3 Third-party remanufacturing mode selection: Outsourcing or authorization? /Zong-Bao Zou a,1 , Jian-Jun Wang a,1 , Gui-Shi Deng a,2 , Haozhe Chen
4 Robust global supply chain network design under disruption and uncertainty considering resilience strategies: A parallel memetic algorithm for a real-life case study /Aliakbar Hasani a, ⇑ , Amirhossein Khosrojerdi
5 The origin–destination airport choice for all-cargo aircraft operations in Europe /Franziska Kupfer a, ⇑ , Roselinde Kessels a , Peter Goos a,b , Eddy Van de Voorde a , Ann Verhetsel
6 Modeling port competition from a transport chain perspective /Dong-Ping Song ⇑ , Andrew Lyons, Dong Li, Hossein Sharifi
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