City, territory and architecture , Tập 3, Số 1, 2016-12

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1 Cover
2 Rivers as integration devices in cities /Ehsan Abshirini 1* and Daniel Koch 2
3 Urban tribalism: negotiating form, function and social milieu in Bedouin towns, Israel /Shlomit Tamari 1 , Rachel Katoshevski 2 , Yuval Karplus 3 and Steven C. Dinero 4*
4 Plan and project as resistance strategies. Didactics, planning and designing in a continuous changing era /Paola Pittaluga *
5 Evidence for prospect-refuge theory: a meta-analysis of the findings of environmental preference research /Annemarie S. Dosen * and Michael J. Ostwald
6 The impractical supremacy of local identity on the worthless soils of Mappano /Paolo Pileri 1 and Riccardo Scalenghe
7 Developing terminology for side facades and side setback areas in Japanese neighborhoods: a study on utility and perception /Amir Shojai * , Suguru Mori and Rie Nomura
8 Translating text into space for mapping the past territory of a city: a study on spatial development of Dhaka during Mughal period /Mashrur Rahman * , Kawser Bin Zaman and Roxana Hafiz
9 Navigating in multi-level buildings: the effect of rotation /Giulia Mastrodonato 1* , Domenico Camarda 1 , Dino Borri 1 and Caterina De Lucia 1,2
10 Optimization of adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system based urban growth model /Sassan Mohammady
11 Erratum to: Formal ontologies and strategic environmental assessment. A case study: the municipal land use plan of Genoa /Giampiero Lombardini *
12 Adaptation actions for integrated climate risk management into urban planning: a new framework from urban typologies to build resilience capacity in Santos (SP) /Andrea Ferraz Young
13 Urban density after Jane Jacobs: the crucial role of diversity and emergence /Stefano Moroni
14 A chronological exploration of the evolution of housing typologies in Gulf cities /Adel M. Remali 1 , Ashraf M. Salama 1* , Florian Wiedmann 1 and Hatem G. Ibrahim 2
15 Peri-urban agriculture as key driver to sustainability. A planning project in an Alpine city /Corrado Diamantini *
16 Disquieting presences: the ambiguity and indeterminacy of Maurice Nio’s architecture /Silvio Carta
17 Security, city and democracy /Mauro Tebaldi
18 Urban disorder and vitality /Francesco Indovina
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