IEEE, Tập 24, Số 1, 2016

Mục lục:

1 Cover
2 Introduction
4 Diffusion LMS Strategies in Sensor Networks With Noisy Input Data
5 Discharging the Network From Its Flow Control Headaches: Packet Drops and HOL Blocking
6 Competition in Private Commons: Price War or Market Sharing?
7 Competition in Private Commons: Price War or Market Sharing?
8 Reexamining DNS From a Global Recursive Resolver Perspective
9 The Streaming Capacity of Sparsely Connected P2P Systems With Distributed Control
10 On the Performance of Largest-Deficit-First for Scheduling Real-Time Traffic in Wireless Networks
11 A Voting-Based Femtocell Downlink Cell-Breathing Control Mechanism
12 Optimizing Cost for Online Social Networks on Geo-Distributed Clouds
13 An Ultra-Low-Latency Guaranteed-Rate Internet for Cloud Services
14 Optimal Partial Relaying for Energy-Harvesting Wireless Networks
15 A Hybrid Iterated Local Search Algorithm for the Global Planning Problem of Survivable 4G Wireless Networks
16 Compressing IP Forwarding Tables: Towards Entropy Bounds and Beyond
17 Perceptions and Truth: A Mechanism Design Approach to Crowd-Sourcing Reputation
18 Optimal Online Scheduling With Arbitrary Hard Deadlines in Multihop Communication Networks
19 MapTask Scheduling in MapReduce With Data Locality: Throughput and Heavy-Traffic Optimality
20 Network-Layer Performance Analysis of Multihop Fading Channels
21 Distributed Alarming in the On-Duty and Off-Duty Models
22 A Scalable and Resilient Layer-2 Network With Ethernet Compatibility
23 Performance-Aware Cross-Layer Design in Wireless Multihop Networks Via a Weighted Backpressure Approach
24 Optimal Placement for Barrier Coverage in Bistatic Radar Sensor Networks
25 Migration Towards Cloud-Assisted Live Media Streaming
26 Optimal Patching in Clustered Malware Epidemics
27 Content-Centric Wireless Networks With Limited Buffers: When Mobility Hurts
28 Understanding RFID Counting Protocols
29 Trap Array: A Unified Model for Scalability Evaluation of Geometric Routing
30 Manycast Overlay in Split-Incapable Networks for Supporting Bandwidth-Intensive Applications
31 Exploiting Mobility in Proportional Fair Cellular Scheduling: Measurements and Algorithms
32 Leveraging Physical-Layer Capabilites: Distributed Scheduling in Interference Networks With Local Views
33 Campaigning in Heterogeneous Social Networks: Optimal Control of SI Information Epidemics
34 An Efficient Protocol for RFID Multigroup Threshold-Based Classification Based on Sampling and Logical Bitmap
35 Information Source Detection in the SIR Model: A Sample-Path-Based Approach
36 Algorithms Based on Divide and Conquer for Topic-Based Publish/Subscribe Overlay Design
37 Cache Bandwidth Allocation for P2P File-Sharing Systems to Minimize Inter-ISP Traffic
38 Effect of Retransmission and Retrodiction on Estimation and Fusion in Long-Haul Sensor Networks
39 Efficient, Real-World Token Bucket Configuration for Residential Gateways
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