Environment, development and sustainability, Tập 18, Số 1, 2016-2

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1 Cover
2 Istanbul: the challenges of integrated water resources management in Europa’s megacity
3 Options for sustainable development planning based on ‘‘GHGs emissions reduction allocation (GERA)’’ from a national perspective /Azadeh Tavakoli • Majid Shafie-Pour • Khosro Ashrafi • Ghahreman Abdoli
4 Determination of the optimal land use allocation pattern in Nowshahr County, Northern Iran /Abdullah Zarei • Hashem Dadashpoor • Masoome Amini
5 Conservation perceptions and attitudes of semi-nomadic pastoralist towards relocation and biodiversity management: a case study of Van Gujjars residing in and around Corbett Tiger Reserve, India /Aatif Hussain • Sabyasachi Dasgupta • Harendra Singh Bargali
6 Evaluating households’ preferences regarding reducing power outages in rural areas: cases in the Ganges Floodplain in Bangladesh /Johannes Breit • Satoru Komatsu • Shinji Kaneko • Partha Pratim Ghosh
7 Cost-effectiveness of recycling and recirculation of natural and energy resources based on the equality principle \Jan Stenis • William Hogland
8 Pro-environmental behavior correlates with present and future subjective well-being \Naoko Kaida • Kosuke Kaida
9 The financial additionality and viability of CDM projects allowing for uncertainty \David G. Carmichael • Kjell A. Lea • Maria C. A. Balatbat
10 The use of biomass production and allometric models to estimate carbon sequestration of Jatropha curcas L. plantations in western Burkina Faso \Philippe Bayen • Fide`le Bognounou • Anne Mette Lykke • Makido Oue´draogo • Adjima Thiombiano
11 Who cares about climate change reporting in developing countries? The market response to, and corporate accountability for, climate change in Bangladesh \Mohammad Nurunnabi
12 Microbial population dynamics under fertigation by distillery effluent in sugarcane-ratoon cropping system /Rajesh Kumar
13 Examining green public procurement using content analysis: existing difficulties for procurers and useful recommendations /Francesco Testa • Paolo Grappio • Natalia M. Gusmerotti • Fabio Iraldo • Marco Frey
14 Decoupling of nonferrous metal consumption from economic growth in China /Guangxin Liu • Fengrui Jia • Qiang Yue • Danzhu Ma • Handan Pan • Ming Wu
15 Use patterns of natural resources supporting livelihoods of smallholder communities and implications for climate change adaptation in Zimbabwe /Christopher Chagumaira • Jairos Rurinda • Hatirarami Nezomba • Florence Mtambanengwe • Paul Mapfumo
16 Sustainability of rice production systems: an empirical evaluation to improve policy /Ranjan Roy • Ngai Weng Chan • Stefanos Xenarios
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