Mechanism and machine theory, Tập 98, Số 1, 2016

Mục lục:

1 Cover
2 Introductiong
3 Wind turbine drive train dynamic characterization using vibration and torque signals
4 Dynamic trajectory planning of a 3-DOF under-constrained cable-driven parallel robot
5 An improved analytical method for mesh stiffness calculation of spur gears with tip relief
6 An efficient rotor suspension with active magnetic bearings having viscoelastic control law /H.K. Roy a , A.S. Das b,1 , J.K. Dutt a, ⁎ a
7 Transmission and load analysis for a crowned helical gear pair with twist-free tooth flanks generated by an external gear honing machine
8 Dynamic analysis of a planar slider-crank mechanism with clearance for a high speed and heavy load press system
9 Force analysis of an open TBM gripping–thrusting–regripping mechanism /Tian Huan
10 Hierarchical fuzzy entropy and improved support vector machine based binary tree approach for rolling bearing fault diagnosis
11 Pull-in characteristics of electrically actuated MEMS arches /Hamed Farokhi a ,
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