Soil dynamics and earthquake engineering, Tập 90, Số 1, 2016-11

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1 Introduction
2 Earthquake response of solitary slender freestanding intake towers / Mohammad Alembagheri
3 Response of Marmaray Submerged Tunnel during 2014 Northern Aegean Earthquake (Mw¼6.9) / S.U. Dikmen
4 p-y-ẏ curves for dynamic analysis of offshore wind turbine monopile foundations / M. Bayat, L.V. Andersen, L.B. Ibsen
5 Effect of numerical soil-foundation-structure modeling on the seismic response of a tall bridge pier via pushover analysis / M.R. Falamarz-Sheikhabadi, A. Zerva
6 Optimal design of friction pendulum system properties for isolated structures considering different soil conditions / P. Castaldo, M. Ripani
7 Earthquake induced liquefaction features in the Karewas of Kashmir Valley North-West Himalayas, India: Implication to paleoseismicity / Rais Ahmad Khan, Mohammad Yousuf Shah
8 Evaluation of substructuring method for seismic soil-structure interaction analysis of bridges / Amin Rahmani...[et al.]
9 Seismic response of a continuous foundation structure supported on partially improved foundation soil / Fangyuan Zhou...[et al.]
10 A note on response of tunnels to incident SH-waves near hillsides / Hasan Faik Kara
11 Scattering of SH waves by a shallow rectangular cavity in an elastic half space / Qijian Liu, Chao Zhang, Maria I. Todorovska
12 Probabilistic assessment of ground motions intensity considering soil properties uncertainty / Sara Hamidpour, Masoud Soltani
13 Site response analyses using downhole arrays at various seismic hazard levels of Singapore / Wenqi Du, Tso-Chien Pan
14 Mitigation of liquid sloshing in storage tanks by using a hybrid control method / Hao Luo, Ruifu Zhang, Dagen Weng
15 3D dynamic finite element analyses and 1 g shaking table tests on seismic performance of existing group-pile foundation in partially improved grounds under dry condition / Kheradi Hamayoon
16 A study on lateral transient vibration of large diameter piles considering pile-soil interaction / Xin Min Chang...[et al.]
17 Design and analysis of retaining wall backfilled with shredded tire and subjected to earthquake shaking / S. Shrestha...[et al.]
18 Clarifying the differences between traditional liquefaction hazard maps and probabilistic liquefaction reference parameter maps / Kevin W. Franke...[et al.]
19 Anti-plane response induced by an irregular alluvial valley using a hybrid method with modified transfinite interpolation / Wen-Shinn Shyu, Tsung-Jen Teng, Chuen-Shii Chou
20 A comparative evaluation of design provisions for seismically isolated buildings / Cem Yenidogan, Mustafa Erdik
21 Soil–structure interaction for a SDOF oscillator supported by a flexible foundation embedded in a half-space: Closed-form solution for incident plane SH-waves / Jianwen Liang...[et al.]
22 Nonlinear seismic analysis of irregular r.c. framed buildings base- isolated with friction pendulum system under near-fault excitations / Fabio Mazza, Mirko Mazza
23 Transient analysis of concrete gravity dam-reservoir systems by Wavenumber-TD approach / Vahid Lotfi, Gerald Zenz
24 Earthquake damage estimation of concrete gravity dams using linear analysis and empirical failure criteria / Mohammad Alembagheri
25 Field and large scale laboratory studies on dynamic properties of emplaced municipal solid waste from two dump sites at Delhi, India / B.J. Ramaiah, G.V. Ramana, B.K. Bansal
26 Experimental analysis of track-ground vibrations on a stretch of the Portuguese railway network / N. Correia dos Santos...[et al.]
27 A performance-based approach for design of ground densification to mitigate liquefaction / Hadi Shahir, Ali Pak, Peyman Ayoubi
28 Numerical evaluation of the effectiveness of flexible joints in buried pipelines subjected to strike-slip fault rupture / Vasileios E. Melissianos...[et al.]
29 Seismic response of retaining walls with cohesive backfill: Centrifuge model studies / Gabriel Candia, Roozbeh Geraili Mikola, Nicholas Sitar
30 Dynamic inelastic analysis of 3-D flexible pavements under moving vehicles: A unified FEM treatment / Niki D. Beskou, George D. Hatzigeorgiou, Dimitrios D. Theodorakopoulos
31 Numerical simulation of earthquake-induced liquefactions considering the principal stress rotation / Zhe Wang...[et al.]
32 Relevance of the incidence angle of the seismic waves on the dynamic response of arch dams / F. García...[et al.]
33 Two-dimensional translation, rocking, and waves in a building during soil-structure interaction excited by a plane earthquake P-wave pulse / Vlado Gi č ev, Mihailo D. Trifunac, Nebojša Orbovi ć
34 Liquefaction potential and strain dependent dynamic properties of Kasai River sand / Rana Chattaraj, Aniruddha Sengupta
35 Soil and structure damping from single station measurements / Silvia Castellaro
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