Soil dynamics and earthquake engineering, Tập 89, Số 1, 2016-10

Mục lục:

1 Introduction
2 An energy flow study of a double-deck tunnel under quasi-static and harmonic excitations / Arnau Clot, Jordi Romeu, Robert Arcos
3 2D non-linear seismic response of the Dinar basin,TURKEY / H. Khanbabazadeh...[et al.]
4 The effect of boundary conditions, model size and damping models in the finite element modelling of a moving load on a track/ground system / J.Y. Shih, D.J. Thompson, A. Zervos
5 Experimental evaluation of vulnerability for urban segmental tunnels subjected to normal surface faulting / Majid Kiani...[et al.]
6 Wave propagation with energy diffusion in a fractal solid and its fractional image / Gerd Gudehus, Asterios Touplikiotis
7 Assessment of seismic liquefaction potential based on Bayesian network constructed from domain knowledge and history data / Ji-Lei Hu, Xiao-Wei Tang, Jiang-Nan Qiu
8 Computation of degradation factors of p-y curves in liquefiable soils for analysis of piles using three-dimensional finite-element model / Asskar Janalizadeh Choobbasti, Ali Zahmatkesh
9 Soil-pile-structure kinematic and inertial interaction observed in geotechnical centrifuge experiments / Mahmoud N. Hussien...[et al.]
10 Boundary reaction method for nonlinear analysis of soil–structure interaction under earthquake loads / Jae-min Kim, Eun-haeng Lee, Sang-hoon Lee
11 Procedure for selecting and modifying earthquake motions to multiple intensity measures / Richard J. Armstrong
12 Seismic control of irregular multistory buildings using active tendons considering soil–structure interaction effect / Ebrahim Nazarimofrad, Seyed Mehdi Zahrai
13 Three-dimensional track-ballast interaction model for the study of a culvert transition / J.N. Varandas, P. Hölscher
14 A new series solution method for two-dimensional elastic wave scattering along a canyon in half-space / Yu Yao, Tianyun Liu, Jian-min Zhang
15 Detailed site effect estimation in the presence of strong velocity reversals within a small-aperture strong-motion array in Iceland / Sahar Rahpeyma
16 Seismic performance of square, thin-walled steel tube/bamboo plywood composite hollow columns with binding bars / Jing Zhou...[et al.]
17 A p /V p specific inelastic displacement ratio for the seismic response estimation of SDOF structures subjected to sequential near fault pulse type ground motion records / Cengizhan Durucan, Ayşe Ruşen Durucan
18 Gorkha (Nepal) earthquake of April 25, 2015: Actual damage, retrofitting measures and prediction by RVS for a few typical structures / Sekhar Chandra Dutta
19 Influence of coefficient of uniformity and base sand gradation on static liquefaction of loose sands with silt / Mehmet Murat Monkul, Ehsan Etminan, Aykut Şenol
20 Inelastic seismic energy spectra for soft soils: Application to Mexico City / Pablo Quinde, Eduardo Reinoso, Amador Terán-Gilmore
21 The effect of grain size on G max of a demolished structural concrete: A study through energy dispersive spectroscopy analysis and dynamic element testing / H. He, K. Senetakis
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