Soil dynamics and earthquake engineering, Tập 88, Số 1, 2016-9

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1 Introduction
2 Visco-elastic imperfect bonding effect on dynamic response of a non-circular lined tunnel subjected to P and SV waves / Xue-Qian Fang, He-Xin Jin
3 Site-dependent shear-wave velocity equations versus depth in California and Japan / Su-Yang Wang, Hai-Yun Wang
4 Dynamic stiffness of monopiles supporting offshore wind turbine generators / Masoud Shadlou, Subhamoy Bhattacharya
5 Vibration characterization of fully-closed high speed railway subgrade through frequency: Sweeping test / Liangliang Wang
6 Reducing railway-induced ground-borne vibration by using open trenches and soft-filled barriers / D.J. Thompson...[et al.]
7 Two-dimensional numerical modeling of fault rupture propagation through earth dams under steady state seepage / Mahda Mortazavi Zanjani, Abbas Soroush
8 On wave propagation in gradient poroelasticity / V.D. Smyrlis, I.P. Pegios, S. Papargyri-Beskou
9 Two-dimensional translation, rocking, and waves in a building during soil-structure interaction excited by a plane earthquake SV-wave pulse / Vlado Gičev, Mihailo D. Trifunac, Nebojša Orbović
10 A linearized approach for the seismic response analysis of flexible cable net structures / Yang Xiang...[et al]
11 Effects of wave passage on torsional response of symmetric buildings subjected to near-fault pulse-like ground motions / Yenan Cao...[et al.]
12 Numerical investigation of the response of the Yele rockfill dam during the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake / Bo Han...[et al.]
13 Small-strain stiffness of sand subjected to stress anisotropy / Meghdad Payan...[et al.]
14 2-D soil-structure interaction in time domain by the SBFEM and two non-linear soil models / Hossein Rahnema, Sassan Mohasseb, Behtash JavidSharifi
15 Centrifuge modeling of batter pile foundations under earthquake excitation / Zheng Li, Sandra Escoffier, Panagiotis Kotronis
16 The effect of fines plasticity on monotonic undrained shear strength and liquefaction resistance of sands / Anthi I. Papadopoulou, Theodora M. Tika
17 Finite element simulations of wave propagation in soils using a Viscoelastic model / Z. Cheng, E.C. Leong
18 Assessment of capacity design of columns in steel moment resisting frames with viscous dampers / Theodore L. Karavasilis
19 Study on the effects of hydrodynamic pressure on the dynamic stresses in slabs of high CFRD based on the scaled boundary finite-element method / He Xu...[et al.]
20 Wave propagation of buried spherical SH-, P1-, P2- and SV-waves in a layered poroelastic half-space / Zhenning Ba, Jianwen Liang, Vincent W. Lee
21 Seismic response analysis in the southern part of the historic centre of the City of L’Aquila (Italy) / A. Ferraro
22 Cyclic behavior and pore pressure generation in sands with laponite, a super-plastic nanoparticle / Felipe Ochoa-Cornejo...[et al.]
23 Modal identification of a centrifuge soil model using subspace state space method / H. Soltani, K.K. Muraleetharan, T. Runolfsson
24 Centrifuge modelling of flexible retaining walls subjected to dynamic loading / Michele Tricarico, Gopal Santana Phani Madabhushi, Stefano Aversa
25 Seismic microzoning from synthetic ground motion earthquake scenarios parameters: The case study of the city of Catania (Italy) / F. Castelli...[et al.]
26 A study of the reduction of ground vibrations by an active generator / Aneta Herbut...[et al.]
27 A unified model for estimating the in-situ small strain shear modulus of clays, silts, sands, and gravels / Brian D. Carlton, Juan M. Pestana
28 Optimum lateral load distribution for seismic design of nonlinear shear-buildings considering soil-structure interaction / Behnoud Ganjavi, Iman Hajirasouliha, Ali Bolourchi
29 Time-domain stochastic finite element simulation of uncertain seismic wave propagation through uncertain heterogeneous solids / Fangbo Wang, Kallol Sett
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