Soil dynamics and earthquake engineering, Tập 87, Số 1, 2016-8

Mục lục:

1 Introduction
2 Improved Modal Pushover Analysis in seismic assessment of asymmetric plan buildings under the influence of one and two horizontal components of ground motions / André Belejo, Rita Bento
3 Dynamic response of a pile embedded into a layered soil / Mario Martinelli, Alberto Burghignol, Luigi Callisto
4 Seismic response of deep Quaternary sediments in historical center of L’Aquila City (central Italy) / Ermanno Ragozzino
5 Simulation and generation of spectrum-compatible ground motions based on wavelet packet method / Yanan Li, Guoxin Wang
6 The application of CFRP to strengthen buried steel pipelines against subsurface explosion / M. Mokhtari, A. Alavi Nia
7 Three-dimensional P- and S-wave velocity profiling of geotechnical sites using full-waveform inversion driven by field data / Arash Fathi...[et al.]
8 Surface-wave testing of soil sites using multichannel simulation with one-receiver / Shibin Lin, Jeramy C. Ashlock
9 Scatter of dynamic response and damage of an arch dam subjected to artificial earthquake accelerograms / Jin-Ting Wang...[et al.]
10 Evidence of complex site effects and soil non-linearity numerically estimated by 2D vs 1D seismic response analyses in the city of Xanthi / Olga Stamati, Nikolaos Klimis, Theologos Lazaridis
11 Wavelet-based generation of spatially correlated accelerograms / Kaushik Sarkar, Vinay K. Gupta, Riya C. George
12 Engineering analysis of measured rotational ground motions at GVDA / Jianming Yin...[et al.]
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