Soil dynamics and earthquake engineering, Tập 85, Số 1, 2016-6

Mục lục:

1 Introduction
2 Challenges associated with site response analyses for soft soils subjected to high-intensity input ground motions / Shawn C. Griffiths, Brady R. Cox, Ellen M. Rathje
3 A new analytical approach to reconstruct the acceleration time history at the bedrock base from the free surface signal records / V.R. Feldgun...[et al.]
4 Seismic analysis of underground tunnels by the 2.5D finite/infinite element approach / K.C. Lin...[et al.]
5 Seismic ground response at Lotung: Hysteretic elasto-plastic-based 3D analyses / A. Amorosi, D. Boldini, A. di Lernia
6 On planar seismic wavefront modeling for estimating rotational ground motions: Case of 2-D SH line-source / Varun K. Singla, Vinay K. Gupta
7 Using elastic bridge bearings to reduce train-induced ground vibrations: An experimental and numerical study / Xiaozhen Li, Zhijun Zhang, Xun Zhang
8 Mutual seismic assessment and isolation of different art objects / Stefano Sorace...[et al.]
9 Geospatial modelling of shear-wave velocity and fundamental site period of Quaternary marine and glacial sediments in the Ottawa and St. Lawrence Valleys, Canada / Miroslav Nastev...[et al.]
10 Multi-step prediction of strong earthquake ground motions and seismic responses of SDOF systems based on EMD-ELM method / Dixiong Yang, Kaisheng Yang
11 Non-linear modeling of seismic isolation systems made of recycled tire-rubber / Santiago Brunet, Juan Carlos de la Llera, Eduardo Kausel
12 PGA-PGV/Vs considered as a stress–strain proxy for predicting nonlinear soil response / Johanes Chandra, Philippe Guéguen, Luis Fabian Bonilla
13 A numerical and experimental study of hollow steel pile in layered soil subjected to vertical dynamic loading / D. Bhowmik, D.K. Baidya, S.P. Dasgupta
14 A spatial correlation model of peak ground acceleration and response spectra based on data of the Istanbul Earthquake Rapid Response and Early Warning System / Thomas Wagener...[et al.]
15 On the seismic stability and critical slip surface of reinforced slopes / M. Khosravizadeh, M. Dehestani, F. Kalantary
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