Soil dynamics and earthquake engineering, Tập 83, Số 1, 2016-4

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1 Introduction
2 Evaluation of underground tunnel response to reverse fault rupture using numerical approach / Mohammad Hassan Baziar...[et al]
3 Closed form solution of Eigen frequency of monopile supported offshore wind turbines in deeper waters incorporating stiffness of substructure and SSI / Laszlo Arany...[et al.]
4 Earth pressure of layered soil on retaining structures / Han Shi, Gong Jinxing, Zhang Yanqing
5 Vibration control by damped braces of fire-damaged steel structures subjected to wind and seismic loads / Fabio Mazza, Marco Fiore
6 Identification of dynamic soil properties through shaking table tests on a large saturated sand specimen in a laminar shear box / Chi-Chin Tsai, Wei-Chun Lin, Jiunn-Shyang Chiou
7 Investigation on the accuracy of the N2 method and the equivalent linearization procedure for different hysteretic models / Claudio Amadio, Giovanni Rinaldin, Massimo Fragiacomo
8 Seismic ground motion amplification pattern induced by a subway tunnel: Shaking table testing and numerical simulation / Masoud Rabeti Moghadam, Mohammad Hassan Baziar
9 Cyclic resistance and liquefaction behavior of silt and sandy silt soils / Ali El Takch, Abouzar Sadrekarimi
10 Dynamic response of axisymmetric transversely isotropic viscoelastic continuously nonhomogeneous half-space / Saeed Cheshmehkani, Morteza Eskandari-Ghadi
11 Influence of fines content on the undrained cyclic shear strength of sand–clay mixtures / Ukgie Kim, Dongwook Kim, Li Zhuang
12 An analytical method for evaluating highway embankment responses with consideration of dynamic wheel–pavement interactions / Zheng Lu...[et al.]
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