Soil dynamics and earthquake engineering, Tập 82, Số 1, 2016-3

Mục lục:

1 Introduction
2 Seismic assessment of the rigid sliding displacements caused by pulse motions / Jian Song...[et al.]
3 Large-scale shaking table model tests on seismically induced failure of Concrete-Faced Rockfill Dams / Jun Liu...[et al.]
4 Dynamic behaviors of underground structures in E-Defense shaking experiments / Yohsuke Kawamata
5 Experimental assessment of dynamic lateral resistance of railway concrete sleeper / M. Esmaeili, S.A.S. Hosseini, M. Sharavi
6 Sensitivity analysis of the seismic response of gravity quay walls to perturbations of input parameters / Armando Calabrese, Carlo G. Lai
7 Dynamic elastic analysis of 3-D flexible pavements under moving vehicles: A unified FEM treatment / Niki D. Beskou, Stephanos V. Tsinopoulos, Dimitrios D. Theodorakopoulos
8 Principle of superposition for assessing horizontal dynamic response of pile groups encompassing soil nonlinearity / Chandra Shekhar Goit, Masato Saitoh, George Mylonakis
9 Evaluating nonlinear effective stress site response analyses using records from the Canterbury earthquake sequence / Christopher S. Markham... [et al.]
10 Nonlinear site response from the strong ground-motion recordings in western China / Mianshui Rong...[et al.]
11 Shaking table test of a multi-story subway station under pulse-like ground motions / Zhiyi Chen...[et al.]
12 On the selection of ground–motion attenuation relations for seismic hazard assessment of the Peninsular Malaysia region due to distant Sumatran subduction intraslab earthquakes / Abdollah Vaez Shoushtari, Azlan Bin Adnan, Mehdi Zare
13 Seismic pressures on rigid cantilever walls retaining elastic continuously non-homogeneous soil: An exact solution / C. Vrettos, D.E. Beskos
14 Parametric investigation for rigid circular foundations undergoing vertical and torsional vibrations / Shi-Shuenn Chen, Ke-Hung Liao, Jun-Yang Shi
15 A stochastic ground motion accelerogram model for Northwest Europe / Carlos Medel-Vera, Tianjian Ji
16 Pile response to liquefaction-induced lateral spreading: a shake-table investigation / Lei Su...[et al.]
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