Composite structures, Tập 159, Số 1, 2016-12

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2 Nano carbon/fluoroelastomer composite bipolar plate for a vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) /Soohyun Nam, Dongyoung Lee, Dai Gil Lee ⇑ , Jinwhan Kim
3 Modeling and numerical evaluation of effective thermal conductivities of fibre functionally graded materials /Jan Turant
4 A deformation mechanism based material model for topology optimization of laminated composite plates and shells /Quantian Luo, Liyong Tong ⇑
5 Experimental and numerical investigations of low energy/velocity impact damage generated in 3D woven composite with polymer matrix /A. Elias a , F. Laurin a, ⇑ , M. Kaminski a , L. Gornet
6 Detection of delamination in composite laminates using Lamb wave based nonlinear method /Nitesh P. Yelve ⇑ , Mira Mitra, P.M. Mujumdar
7 Analysis of local and global localizations on the failure phenomenon of 3D interlock woven fabrics under ballistic impact Tuan-Long Chu a,b , Cuong Ha-Minh c,d , Abdellatif Imad a, ⇑ a Mechanics Laboratory of Lille (LML), University of Lille 1, Villeneuve d’Ascq 59655, France
8 A micromechanics approach for effective elastic properties of nano-composites with energetic surfaces/interfaces /Yao Koutsawa a,b, ⇑ , Sonnou Tiem b , Wenbin Yu c , Frédéric Addiego a , Gaetano Giunta
9 Homoclinic orbits and chaos of a supercritical composite panel with free-layer damping treatment in subsonic flow /Tian-Jun Yu, Sha Zhou, Xiao-Dong Yang ⇑ , Wei Zhang Beijing Key Laboratory of Nonlinear Vibrations and Strength of Mechanical Structures, College of Mecha
10 Thermal post-buckling of FG-CNT reinforced composite plates /Y. Kiani
11 How post-operative rehabilitation exercises influence the healing process of radial bone shaft fractures fixed by a composite bone plate /Hassan Mehboob a,c , Jinha Kim b , Ali Mehboob c , Seung-Hwan Chang c, ⇑
12 Numerical evaluation of the stacking effect of spheres on the mechanics of tailor-made aluminum foams Mohammad Javad Nayyeri, Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Mirbagheri ⇑ , Davoud Haghshenas Fatmehsari
13 Progressive damage modelling of hybrid RTM-made composite P -joint under four-point flexure using mixed failure criteria /J.B. Bai a , R.A. Shenoi b , X.Y. Yun a , J.J. Xiong a, ⇑
14 Intraply failure criterion for unidirectional fiber reinforced composites by means of asymptotic homogenization /Rafael Quelho de Macedo a, ⇑ , Rafael Thiago Luiz Ferreira a , José Miranda Guedes b , Maurício Vicente Donadon a
15 Influence of hydrothermal ageing on the compressive behaviour of glass fibre/epoxy composite pipes /S.N. Fitriah a , M.S. Abdul Majid a, ⇑ , M.J.M. Ridzuan a , R. Daud a , A.G. Gibson b , T.A. Assaleh c
16 Optimum stacking sequences of thick laminated composite plates for maximizing buckling load using FE-GAs-PSO /A.R. Vosoughi ⇑ , A. Darabi, H. Dehghani Forkhorji
17 Free vibration of FG-CNT reinforced composite spherical shell panels using Gram-Schmidt shape functions /Y. Kiani
18 Strength evaluation of beam made of the aluminum 6061-T6 and titanium grade 5 alloys sheets joined by RFSSW and RSW /Piotr Lacki, D.Sc., Anna Derlatka, Ph.D. ⇑
19 Distinguishing crack damage from debonding damage of glass fiber reinforced polymer plate using a piezoelectric transducer based nondestructive testing method /Wongi S. Na
20 Natural frequency optimization of braided bistable carbon/epoxy tubes: Analysis of braid angles and stacking sequences /C. Wu, A. Viquerat ⇑
21 Strength evaluation of the beam made of the titanium sheets Grade 2 and Grade 5 welded by Resistance Spot Welding /Piotr Lacki DSc, Judyta Niemiro MSc ⇑
22 Eigenvalue buckling analysis of cracked functionally graded cylindrical shells in the framework of the extended finite element method /Amir Nasirmanesh, Soheil Mohammadi ⇑
23 Free and forced vibrations of functionally graded polymer composite plates reinforced with graphene nanoplatelets /Mitao Song a,b , Sritawat Kitipornchai a , Jie Yang c, ⇑ a
24 Geometry optimization of a thin-walled element for an air structure using hybrid system integrating artificial neural network and finite element method a , Przemysław Golewski b , Tomasz Sadowski b, ⇑
25 Simultaneous flexural and punching strengthening of RC slabs according to a new hybrid technique using U-shape CFRP laminates /Joaquim A.O. Barros, Mohammadali Rezazadeh ⇑ , João P.S. Laranjeira, Mohammad R.M. Hosseini, Mohammad Mastali, Honeyeh Ramezansefat
26 Influence of plate length and anchor position on FRP-to-concrete joints anchored with FRP anchors /Huawen Zhang a , Scott T. Smith b, ⇑
27 A numerical micro-mechanical study of the influence of fiber–matrix interphase failure on carbon/epoxy material properties /F. Danzi, D. Fanteria ⇑ , E. Panettieri, M. Palermo
28 Effects of post-treatment of meta-aramid nanofiber mats on the adhesion strength of epoxy adhesive joints /Seung Yoon On a , Moo Sun Kim b , Seong Su Kim a, ⇑
29 A global numerical approach for lightweight design optimization of laminated composite plates subjected to frequency constraints /T. Vo-Duy, V. Ho-Huu, T.D. Do-Thi, H. Dang-Trung, T. Nguyen-Thoi ⇑
30 Buckling optimization design of curved stiffeners for grid-stiffened composite structures /Dan Wang a, ⇑ , Mostafa M. Abdalla b , Weihong Zhang a
31 Comparison of periodic mesh and free mesh on the mechanical properties prediction of 3D braided composites /Chao Zhang a, ⇑ , J.L. Curiel-Sosa b , Tinh Quoc Bui c
32 Quasi-periodic excitation in a delaminated composite beam /Tamás Pölöskei ⇑ , András Szekrényes
33 A unified nonlinear analytical solution of bending, buckling and vibration for the temperature-dependent FG rectangular plates subjected to thermal load /Y.H. Dong, Y.H. Li ⇑
34 Nonlinear analysis of quadrilateral composite plates using moving kriging based element free Galerkin method /Gaurav Watts, S. Pradyumna ⇑ , M.K. Singha
35 An Investigation of burrs, chip formation, hole size, circularity and delamination during drilling operation of GLARE using ANOVA /Khaled Giasin a, ⇑ , Sabino Ayvar-Soberanis b
36 Mechanical, thermal and interfacial performances of carbon fiber reinforced composites flavored by carbon nanotube in matrix/interface /Zhongbo Zhao 1 , Kunyue Teng 1 , Nan Li, Xiaojie Li, Zhiwei Xu ⇑ , Lei Chen, Jiarong Niu, Hongjun Fu, Lihuan Zhao, Ya Liu
37 Synthesis and characterization of the electrically conductive polymeric composite for lightning strike protection of aircraft structures /Andrzej Katunin a, ⇑ , Katarzyna Krukiewicz b , Roman Turczyn b , Przemysław Sul c , Andrzej Łasica c , Marcin Bilewicz d
38 Finite element analysis of the compressive and shear responses of structural foams using computed tomography /Youming Chen a , Raj Das a,b, ⇑ , Mark Battley a
39 Impact on thermoplastic fibre-metal laminates: Experimental observations /Rafael Santiago a, ⇑ , Wesley Cantwell b , Marcílio Alves
40 Isogeometric nonlinear bending and buckling analysis of variable- thickness composite plate structures /T. Le-Manh a , Q. Huynh-Van b , Thu D. Phan c , Huan D. Phan d , H. Nguyen-Xuan e,f, ⇑
41 Analytical investigation on mechanical buckling of FGM truncated conical shells reinforced by orthogonal stiffeners based on FSDT /Dao Van Dung a , Do Quang Chan b, ⇑
42 Shear deformable dynamic stiffness elements for a free vibration analysis of composite plate assemblies – Part I: Theory Marija Nefovska-Danilovic, Nevenka Kolarevic, Miroslav Marjanovic´ ⇑ , Mira Petronijevic
43 Curved sandwich composites with layer-wise graded cores under impact loads /Buket Okutan Baba
44 Novel composite materials with tunable delamination resistance using functionalizable electrospun SBS fibers /Sam van der Heijden a , Lode Daelemans a , Kevin De Bruycker d , Robin Simal a , Ives De Baere b , Wim Van Paepegem b , Hubert Rahier c , Karen De Clerck a, ⇑
45 Flexural behaviour of multi-celled GFRP composite beams with concrete infill: Experiment and theoretical analysis /Majid Muttashar a,b , Allan Manalo a, ⇑ , Warna Karunasena a , Weena Lokuge a
46 An energy based force prediction method for UD-CFRP orthogonal machining /Hao Li a , Xuda Qin a, ⇑ , Gaiyun He a , Mark A. Price b , Yan Jin b , Dan Sun b
47 A novel invariant-based design approach to carbon fiber reinforced laminates /Jose Daniel D. Melo a, ⇑ , Jing Bi b , Stephen W. Tsai c
48 Non-linear vibration of composite orthotropic cylindrical shells on the non-linear elastic foundations within the shear deformation theory /A.H. Sofiyev a, ⇑ , Z. Karaca b , Z. Zerin b
49 Mesh free model of nanobeam integrated with a flexoelectric actuator layer Ray,M.C.
50 Buckling of the composite anisogrid lattice plate with clamped edges under shear load /A.V. Lopatin a , E.V. Morozov b, ⇑ , A.V. Shatov a
51 Strengthening of metallic beams with different types of pre-stressed un-bonded retrofit systems /F. Kianmofrad a , E. Ghafoori b, ⇑ , M.M. Elyasi c , M. Motavalli a,b , M. Rahimian a
52 Analysis of the out-of-plane compression and shear response of paper-based web-core sandwiches subject to large deformation /P. Isaksson a, ⇑ , L.A. Carlsson b
53 Numerical simulation of the effect of stitching on the delamination resistance of laminated composites subjected to low-velocity impact /L. Francesconi, F. Aymerich ⇑
54 Modelling of the damage process of interfaces inside the WC/Co composite microstructure: 2-D versus 3-D modelling technique /Debski Hubert a , Sadowski Tomasz b, ⇑
55 An approach for bending and transient dynamic analysis of integrated thermal protection system with temperature-dependent material properties /Liangxian Gu, Yifan Wang ⇑ , Shengbo Shi ⇑ , Cunxi Dai
56 Proposal for a coupled aerodynamic–structural wind turbine blade optimization /Andrea Dal Monte ⇑ , Stefano De Betta, Marco Raciti Castelli, Ernesto Benini
57 Weak form quadrature element analysis of sandwich panels with functionally graded soft-cores /Xinwei Wang a , Zhangxian Yuan b, ⇑
58 A nonlocal strain gradient refined beam model for buckling analysis of size-dependent shear-deformable curved FG nanobeams /Farzad Ebrahimi a, ⇑ , Mohammad Reza Barati
59 Shear deformable dynamic stiffness elements for a free vibration analysis of composite plate assemblies – Part II: Numerical examples /Miroslav Marjanovic´ ⇑ , Nevenka Kolarevic, Marija Nefovska-Danilovic, Mira Petronijevic
60 Dynamic response of laminated structures using a Refined Zigzag Theory shell element /Alessandra Treviso a,b, ⇑ , Domenico Mundo a , Michel Tournour b
61 A combination of GFRP sheets and steel cage for seismic strengthening of shear-deficient corner RC beam-column joints /Esmaeel Esmaeeli a, ⇑ , Fakhreddin Danesh b , Kong Fah Tee a , Sassan Eshgh
62 A three dimensional finite deformation viscoelastic model for a layered polymeric material subject to blast /P. Alagappan, K.R. Rajagopal, A.R. Srinivasa ⇑
63 Analysis of mechanical properties of laminated rubber bearings based on transfer matrix method /Lan Ding a , Hong-Ping Zhu b, ⇑ , Li Wu a
64 Seismic retrofitting of full-scale RC interior beam-column-slab subassemblies with CFRP wraps /Cailong Ma, Daiyu Wang, Zhenyu Wang
65 Fibre prestressed composites: Theoretical and numerical modelling of unidirectional and plain-weave fibre reinforcement forms /Nawras H. Mostafa a,b, ⇑ , Z.N. Ismarrubie a , S.M. Sapuan a,c , M.T.H. Sultan
66 Hygrothermal effects on vibration characteristics of viscoelastic FG nanobeams based on nonlocal strain gradient theory /Farzad Ebrahimi a, ⇑ , Mohammad Reza Barati b
67 Statistical experimental design techniques to investigate the strength of adhesively bonded T-joints /L.S. Sutherland a , C. Amado b , C. Guedes Soares
68 Accelerated creep and creep-rupture testing of transverse unidirectional carbon/epoxy lamina based on the stepped isostress method /Jonathon Tanks a, ⇑ , Katherine Rader a , Stephen Sharp a , Takenobu Sakai b
69 Dynamic analysis for cracked fiber-metal laminated beams carrying moving loads and its application for wavelet based crack detection /Chang Tao a,b, ⇑ , Yiming Fu b , Ting Dai a,
70 Fibre bridging effect on the Paris relation for mode I fatigue delamination growth in composites with consideration of interface configuration /Liaojun Yao a, ⇑ , Yi Sun a , R.C. Alderliesten b , R. Benedictus b , Meiying Zhao c
71 Vibration and bending analysis of a sandwich microbeam with two integrated piezo-magnetic face-sheets /Mohammad Arefi a, ⇑ , Ashraf M. Zenkour b,
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