Composite structures, Tập 158, Số 1, 2016-12

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1 Cover
2 Introduction
3 Confined collapse of unbonded multi-layer pipe subjected to external pressure /Yong Bai a , Shuai Yuan a , Peng Cheng a, ⇑ , Peihua Han a , Weidong Ruan a , Gao Tang
4 A modified differential evolution algorithm for tensegrity structures /Dieu T.T. Do, Seunghye Lee, Jaehong Lee
5 The electrically conductive carbon nanotube (CNT)/cement composites for accelerated curing and thermal cracking reduction /G.M. Kim a , B.J. Yang b, ⇑ , G.U. Ryu a , H.K. Lee
6 Experimental and numerical research on the low velocity impact behavior of hybrid corrugated core sandwich structures /Wentao He a,b,c , Jingxi Liu a,b, ⇑ , Bo Tao c , De Xie a,b , Jiayi Liu a , Min Zhang a
7 Experimental and Finite Element (FE) modelling of timber fencing for benchmarking novel composite fencing /Adeayo Sotayo ⇑ , Sarah Green, Geoffrey Turvey
8 Effect of Poisson’s ratio mismatch on brittle interfacial cracking between two dissimilar elastic layers /J.D. Wood, C.M. Harvey ⇑ , S. Wang
9 Reinforcing wood by surface modification /Kyziol Leslaw
10 Designing foam filled sandwich panels for blast mitigation using a hybrid evolutionary optimization algorithm /Idris Karen a, ⇑ , Murat Yazici b , Arun Shukla
11 A new effective smeared stiffener method for global buckling analysis of grid stiffened composite panels /Yuanming Xu, Yan Tong ⇑ , Manqing Liu, Bajracharya Suman
12 Active vibration control of CNT-reinforced composite cylindrical shells via piezoelectric patches /Z.G. Song a , L.W. Zhang b, ⇑ , K.M. Liew a,c, ⇑
13 Hysteresis behaviour modelling of woven composite using a collaborative elastoplastic damage model with fractional derivatives /Alina Krasnobrizha ⇑ , Patrick Rozycki, Laurent Gornet, Pascal Cosson
14 A four-node facet shell element for laminated shells based on the third order zigzag theory /Adnan Ahmed a , Santosh Kapuria a,b,
15 A global higher-order zig-zag model in terms of the HW variational theorem for multilayered composite beams /Wu Zhen ⇑ , Chen Wanji
16 Mechanical and oxidation properties of C/SiC corrugated lattice core composite sandwich panels /Fan Yang a , Su Cheng a , Tao Zeng a, ⇑ , Zhi-hai Wang a , Guo-dong Xu a , Jun-jun Zhai a , Dai-ning Fang b
17 The Transverse Crack Tension test revisited: An experimental and numerical study /T. Scalici a , G. Pitarresi b , G. Catalanotti c,d, ⇑ , F.P. van der Meer e , A. Valenza a
18 A lateral strain plasticity model for FRP confined concrete /Bambang Piscesa a , Mario M. Attard a, ⇑ , Ali Khajeh Samani b
19 Numerical and analytical investigation on a multilayer water façade system subjected to blast loading /Yonghui Wang a,b, ⇑ , J.Y. Richard Liew c,d , Ximei Zhai a,b , Wei Wang a,b , Siew Chin Lee c
20 Manufacturing and evaluation of Large-scale Composite Bumper System for bridge pier protection against ship collision /Hai Fang a , Yifeng Mao a , Weiqing Liu b, ⇑ , Lu Zhu a , Bing Zhang a
21 Characterization of seawater hygrothermal conditioning effects on the properties of titanium-based fiber-metal laminates for marine applications /Aamir Ali, Lei Pan ⇑ , Lixiang Duan, Zengmin Zheng, Bhuwan Sapkota
22 Modelling and simulation of damage and failure in large composite components subjected to impact loads /M. Schwab ⇑ , H.E. Pettermann
23 Evaluation of shrinkage-induced stress in a runway repaired using compliant polymer concrete /Kyung-Chae Jung, Seung-Hwan Chang ⇑
24 Development of the fire-retardant sandwich structure using an aramid/glass hybrid composite and a phenolic foam-filled honeycomb /Minkook Kim, Jaeheon Choe, Dai Gil Lee ⇑
25 On the porosity of advanced pore morphology structures /Aljazˇ Kovacˇicˇ ⇑ , Zoran Ren
26 In-situ damage monitoring of a SiC/SiC ceramic matrix composite using acoustic emission and digital image correlation /Travis Whitlow a, ⇑ , Eric Jones b , Craig Przybyla b
27 Approximation of anisotropic multilayered plates through RMVT and MITC elements /Claudia Chinosi a , Lucia Della Croce b , Maria Cinefra c, ⇑ , Erasmo Carrera c
28 Spectral dynamic stiffness formulation for inplane modal analysis of composite plate assemblies and prismatic solids with arbitrary classical/nonclassical boundary conditions /X. Liu a,b, ⇑
29 Modeling of FRP-strengthened curved masonry specimens and proposal of a simple design formula /E. Grande a , G. Milani b, ⇑
30 Simple holonomic homogenization model for the non-linear static analysis of in-plane loaded masonry walls strengthened with FRCM composites /Elisa Bertolesi, Gabriele Milani ⇑ , Carlo Poggi
31 Free vibration analyses of axially loaded laminated composite beams using a unified higher-order shear deformation theory and dynamic stiffness method /Li Jun ⇑ , Hu Xiang, Li Xiaobin
32 On the statistics of transverse permeability of randomly distributed fibers /Masoud Bodaghi a , Giuseppe Catalanotti b,c , Nuno Correia b, ⇑
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