Composite structures, Tập 157, Số 1, 2016-11

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1 Cover
2 Introduction
3 Exact solution for free vibrations of spinning nanotube based on nonlocal first order shear deformation shell theory /Sh. Hosseini-Hashemi a,b, ⇑ , M.R. Ilkhani
4 Effects of internal pressure on bending buckling of imperfect functionally graded thin cylinders /Rahman Seifi ⇑ , Moslem Avatefi
5 Full-field transient 3D deformation measurement of 3D braided composite panels during ballistic impact using single-camera high-speed stereo-digital image correlation /Bing Pan a,c, ⇑ , Liping Yu a , Yongqi Yang b , Weidong Song c , Licheng Guo b, ⇑
6 Flexural behavior of preloaded reinforced concrete beams strengthened by prestressed CFRP laminates /Peng Gao a , Xianglin Gu b , Ayman S. Mosallam
7 Bonded sleeve connections for joining tubular GFRP beam to steel member: Numerical investigation with experimental validation /Zhujing Zhang a , Chao Wu b , Xin Nie c , Yu Bai a, ⇑ , Lei Zhu d a
8 Effect of fiber orientation on the rate-dependent flexural behavior of ultra-high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete /Doo-Yeol Yoo a , Nemkumar Banthia b , Su-Tae Kang c , Young-Soo Yoon d, ⇑
9 Bending dominated response of layered mechanical metamaterials alternating pentamode lattices and confinement plates /A. Amendola a , G. Carpentieri b , L. Feo a , F. Fraternali a,
10 Analytical and experimental free vibration analysis of multi-layer MR-fluid circular plates under varying magnetic flux /Mehdi Eshaghi ⇑ , Ramin Sedaghati, Subhash Rakheja
11 Numerical and experimental investigation into the behaviour of strengthened hollow box beams made of unidirectional fibre-reinforced IPC matrix composite /G. Promis a, ⇑ , A. Si Larbi b , O. Douzane
12 Acoustic transmission through laminated composite cylindrical shell employing Third order Shear Deformation Theory in the presence of subsonic flow /R. Talebitooti a, ⇑ , M.R. Zarastvand a , M.R. Gheibi b
13 Membranes with embedded photovoltaic flexible cells: Structural and electrical performances under uniaxial and biaxial stresses /R. Scotta a , M. Lazzari a , E. Stecca a, ⇑ , R. Di Massimo b , R. Vitaliani a
14 Micro-leveled modeling of structural stitched FRP joints as energy absorbing rupture points /Johannes Netz ⇑ , Benedikt Hannemann, Sebastian Schmeer
15 Nonlinear transient analysis of smart laminated composite plate integrated with PVDF sensor and AFC actuator /Vijay K. Singh a , Trupti R. Mahapatra b , Subrata K. Panda a, ⇑
16 Theory of thin-walled functionally graded sandwich beams with single and double-cell sections /Nam-Il Kim, Jaehong Lee
17 Optimization of axially compressed cylindrical grid structures using analytical and numerical models /M. Beerhorst ⇑ , C. Hühne
18 Simulation of ballistic performance of a two-layered structure of nanostructured metal and ceramic /X. Guo a,b, ⇑ , X. Sun a , X. Tian a , G.J. Weng c , Q.D. Ouyang a , L.L. Zhu d, ⇑
19 Differential cubature and quadrature-Bolotin methods for dynamic stability of embedded piezoelectric nanoplates based on visco-nonlocal-piezoelasticity theories /Reza Kolahchi a, ⇑ , Hadi Hosseini a , Masoud Esmailpour b a Department of Civil Engineering, Khomein Branch, Islamic Azad University, Khomein, Iran
20 Buckling of uniaxially compressed composite anisogrid lattice plate with clamped edges /A.V. Lopatin a , E.V. Morozov b, ⇑ , A.V. Shatov a
21 Axial crushing of triaxially braided composite tubes at quasi-static and dynamic rates /Carla McGregor a , Reza Vaziri a, ⇑ , Anoush Poursartip a , Xinran Xiao b
22 Numerical study on the free vibration and thermal buckling behavior of moderately thick functionally graded structures in thermal environments /Ramkumar Kandasamy a , Rossana Dimitri b , Francesco Tornabene c, ⇑
23 Vibrational behavior of rotating pre-twisted functionally graded microbeams in thermal environment /Amin Ghorbani Shenas a , Sima Ziaee a , Parviz Malekzadeh b, ⇑
24 Shrinkage characteristics of structural nano-synthetic fibre-reinforced cementitious composites /Su-Jin Lee, Jong-Pil Won ⇑
25 Non-linear stiffness response of corrugated laminates in tensile loading /C. Thurnherr ⇑ , L. Ruppen, G. Kress, P. Ermanni
26 Thermomechanical viscoelastic analysis of woven-reinforced thermoplastic-matrix composites Martín Machado ⇑ ,1 , Umut D. Cakmak, Imre Kallai, Zoltan Major
27 Multifunctional composites with intrinsic pressure actuation and prestress for morphing structures /V.S.C. Chillara, L.M. Headings, M.J. Dapino
28 Viscoelastic properties of heterogeneous materials: The case of periodic media containing cuboidal inclusions /Sy-Tuan Nguyen a,b, ⇑ , Quy-Dong To b,c , Minh-Ngoc Vu b , Thê-Duong Nguyen b
29 A base isolation system for structures subject to extreme seismic events characterized by anomalous values of intensity and frequency content /D. Cancellara, F. De Angelis ⇑
30 Quasi-static axial crushing experiment study of foam-filled CFRP and aluminum alloy thin-walled structures /Nianfei Gan a,b , Yanan Feng a , Hanfeng Yin a,b , Guilin Wen a,b, ⇑ , Duohua Wang a , Xinyi Huang a
31 Assessment of thermo-oxidative induced chemical strain by inverse analysis of shrinkage profiles in unidirectional composites /M. Gigliotti a, ⇑ , M. Minervino b , M.C. Lafarie-Frenot a
32 Static and dynamic response of progressively damaged ionoplast laminated glass beams /Luigi Biolzi a,1 , Maurizio Orlando b, ⇑ , Lorenzo Ruggero Piscitelli b,2 , Paolo Spinelli b,2
33 A 3D coupled thermo-visco-elastic shear-lag formulation for the prediction of residual stresses in photovoltaic modules after lamination /S.O. Ojo ⇑ , M. Paggi
34 Buckling analysis of three dimensional braided composite plates under uniaxial loading using Inverse Hyperbolic Shear Deformation Theory /Durgesh Bahadur Singh, B.N. Singh ⇑
35 Overall thermomechanical properties of layered materials for energy devices applications /A. Bacigalupo a, ⇑ , L. Morini a , A. Piccolroaz b
36 Thermal postbuckling and vibration of postbuckled matrix cracked hybrid laminated plates containing carbon nanotube reinforced composite layers on elastic foundation /Yin Fan, Hai Wang ⇑
37 Buckling analysis of axially-loaded functionally graded carbon nanotube-reinforced composite conical panels using a novel numerical variational method /Reza Ansari a, ⇑ , Jalal Torabi a, ⇑ , Mostafa Faghih Shojaei b , Emad Hasrati a
38 Dynamic response of CLT plate systems in the context of timber and hybrid construction /Jan Weckendorf ⇑ , Ebenezer Ussher, Ian Smith
39 Micro-buckling of periodically layered composites in regions of stress concentration /Konstantinos Poulios ⇑ , Christian F. Niordson
40 Buckling of axially compressed CFRP truncated cones with additional lateral load: Experimental and numerical investigation /Regina Khakimova a, ⇑ , Rolf Zimmermann a , Dirk Wilckens a , Klaus Rohwer a , Richard Degenhardt
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