Composite structures, Tập 156, Số 1, 2016-11

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1 Cover
2 Introduction
3 Computationally efficient High-Fidelity Generalized Method of Cells micromechanics via order-reduction techniques /Trenton M. Ricks a , Thomas E. Lacy Jr. a, ⇑ , Evan J. Pineda b , Brett A. Bednarcyk b , Steven M. Arnold
4 A new multi-p-norm formulation approach for stress-based topology optimization design /C.Y. Kiyono a,b, ⇑ , S.L. Vatanabe a , E.C.N. Silva a , J.N. Reddy b
5 Heterogeneous fracture mechanics for multi-defect analysis /Kenneth Reifsnider a, ⇑ , M.D. Rassel Raihan a , Vamsee Vadlamudi b
6 Differential evolution for free vibration optimization of functionally graded nano beams /C.M.C. Roque ⇑ , P.A.L.S. Martins, A.J.M. Ferreira, R.M.N. Jorge
7 Dynamic response of acoustically excited plates resting on elastic foundations in thermal environments /Liu Liu ⇑ , Bing-Yang Lv, Yong-Shan Li
8 Effective modelling of structural glass with laminated shell elements /Y. Liang a , F. Lancaster b , B.A. Izzuddin a,
9 A review on plate and shell theories for laminated and sandwich structures highlighting the Finite Element Method /Mauricio F. Caliri Jr. a , Antonio J.M. Ferreira b , Volnei Tita a, ⇑
10 Analysis of laminated beams via Unified Formulation and Legendre polynomial expansions /A. Pagani, A.G. de Miguel, M. Petrolo, E. Carrera ⇑
11 Complementary formulation of the TFA for the elasto-plastic analysis of composites /F. Covezzi a , S. de Miranda a , S. Marfia b , E. Sacco b, ⇑
12 Variational solution for buckling of nonlocal carbon nanotubes under uniformly and triangularly distributed axial loads /Mouafo Teifouet Armand Robinson a,b , Sarp Adali a, ⇑
13 Vibro-acoustic optimisation of sandwich panels using the wave/finite element method /C. Droz a, ⇑ , Z. Zergoune a,b , R. Boukadia a , O. Bareille a , M.N. Ichchou a
14 Micro-mechanics based damage mechanics for 3D orthogonal woven composites: Experiment and numerical modelling /Mohamed Nasr Saleh a , Gilles Lubineau b, ⇑ , Prasad Potluri a , Philip J. Withers a , Constantinos Soutis c, ⇑
15 Benchmark solutions and assessment of variable kinematics models for global and local buckling of sandwich struts /Michele D’Ottavio a, ⇑ , Olivier Polit a , Wooseok Ji b , Anthony M. Waas c
16 Geometrically nonlinear analysis of sandwich structures /José S. Moita a,b , Aurélio L. Araújo b, ⇑ , Cristóvão M. Mota Soares b , Carlos A. Mota Soares b , José Herskovits c,d
17 Generalized stress–strain recovery formulation applied to functionally graded spherical shells and panels under static loading /Erasmo Viola ⇑ , Luigi Rossetti, Nicholas Fantuzzi, Francesco Tornabene
18 A numerical study of failure of an adhesive joint influenced by a void in the adhesive /Ahmed Sengab a , Ramesh Talreja a,b,c,
19 A computationally efficient 2D model for inherently equilibrated 3D stress predictions in heterogeneous laminated plates. Part I: Model formulation /R.M.J. Groh ⇑ , P.M. Weaver
20 A computationally efficient 2D model for inherently equilibrated 3D stress predictions in heterogeneous laminated plates. Part II: Model validation /R.M.J. Groh ⇑ , P.M. Weaver
21 Vibration analysis of variable thickness plates and shells by the Generalized Differential Quadrature method /Michele Bacciocchi a , Moshe Eisenberger b , Nicholas Fantuzzi a , Francesco Tornabene a, ⇑ , Erasmo Viol
22 An analytical solution for buckling and vibration analysis of functionally graded sandwich beams using a quasi-3D shear deformation theory /Trung-Kien Nguyen a, ⇑ , Thuc P. Vo b,c, ⇑ , Ba-Duy Nguyen a,d , Jaehong Lee e
23 A novel mixed-mode cohesive formulation for crack growth analysis /Nhung Nguyen, Anthony M. Waas ⇑
24 Fundamental frequency analysis of functionally graded sandwich beams based on the state space approach /Luan C. Trinh a,b , Thuc P. Vo a,c, ⇑ , Adelaja I. Osofero d , Jaehong Lee e
25 Vibration analysis of CNT reinforced functionally graded composite plates in a thermal environment based on Reddy’s higher-order shear deformation theory /B.A. Selim a , L.W. Zhang b , K.M. Liew a, ⇑
26 Three-dimensional fractional derivative model of smart constrained layer damping treatment for composite plates /Priyankar Datta, M.C. Ray
27 Fabrication and mechanical behavior of carbon fiber composite sandwich cylindrical shells with corrugated cores /Jian Xiong a, ⇑ , Lina Feng a , Ranajay Ghosh b , Huaping Wu c , Linzhi Wu a , Li Ma a , Ashkan Vaziri b, ⇑
28 Free vibrations of laminated composite shells using the rotation-free plate elements based on Reddy’s layerwise discontinuous displacement model /Miroslav Marjanovic´ ⇑ , Djordje Vuksanovic´
29 Improving the strength and service life of jute/epoxy laminar composites for structural applications /M. Pinto, V.B. Chalivendra ⇑ , Y.K. Kim, A.F. Lewis
30 Nondestructive evaluation of hidden multi-delamination in a glass-fiber-reinforced plastic composite using terahertz spectroscopy /Chung-Hyeon Ryu a , Sung-Hyeon Park a , Do-Hyoung Kim a , Kyung-Young Jhang a , Hak-Sung Kim a
31 Analytical and numerical analysis of composite impact attenuators /S. Boria ⇑ , S. Pettinari, F. Giannoni, G. Cosimi
32 Lightweight design of composite laminated structures with frequency constraint /Qimao Liu ⇑ , Juha Paavola
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