Composite structures, Tập 155, Số 1, 2016-11

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1 Cover
2 Introduction
3 Honeycomb-shaped meta-structure for minimizing noise radiation and resistance to cooling fluid flow of home appliances /Sung-Jin Cho, Bo-Seung Kim, Dong-Ki Min, Yeong-suk Cho, Jun-hong Par
4 Constitutive model to predict the viscoplastic behaviour of natural fibres based composites /A. Rubio-López, T. Hoang, C. Santiuste ⇑
5 Mechanics analysis on the composite flywheel stacked from circular twill woven fabric rings /Xingjian Dai a, ⇑ , Yong Wang a , Changliang Tang a , Xingfeng Guo
6 Smart damping of functionally graded nanotube reinforced composite rectangular plates /Anshul Sharma a,b, ⇑ , Anuruddh Kumar a , C.K. Susheel a , Rajeev Kumar a
7 Bending analysis of composite laminated and sandwich structures using sublaminate variable-kinematic Ritz models /M. D’Ottavio a, ⇑ , L. Dozio b , R. Vescovini b , O. Polit a
8 Bond behavior of GFRP bar-concrete interface: Damage evolution assessment and FE simulation implementations /Fei Yan, Zhibin Lin ⇑
9 Micromechanical modeling of damage and load transfer in particulate composites with partially debonded interface /Nicolas Despringre, Yves Chemisky, Kevin Bonnay, Fodil Meraghni ⇑
10 Improvement of FRP-to-concrete bond performance using bidirectional fiber patch anchors combined with FRP spike anchors /R. Kalfat ⇑ , R. Al-Mahaidi 1
11 Effects of variable thickness and imperfection on nonlinear buckling of sigmoid-functionally graded cylindrical panels /Pham Toan Thang a,b, ⇑ , Nguyen Dinh Duc c,d , T. Nguyen-Thoi a,b
12 Symmetric relationships between direct and converse magnetoelectric effects in laminate composites /Jian-Ping Zhou a, ⇑ , Yang Yang a , Guang-Bin Zhang a , Jian-Hong Peng a,b , Peng Liu a
13 Active vibration control of FGM plates with piezoelectric layers based on Reddy’s higher-order shear deformation theory /B.A. Selim a , L.W. Zhang b, ⇑ , K.M. Liew a,c, ⇑
14 SPH-FEM simulation of shaped-charge jet penetration into double hull: A comparison study for steel and SPS /Zhifan Zhang a,b , Longkan Wang a , Vadim V. Silberschmidt b , Shiping Wang a, ⇑
15 Interfacial failure modelling of diamond bits made of particulate composites /J. Xu, A.H. Sheikh ⇑ , C. Xu
16 Pin pull-out behaviour for hybrid metal-composite joints with integrated reinforcements /Alex T.T. Nguyen a , Milan Brandt a , Stefanie Feih b,c , Adrian C. Orifici b, ⇑
17 A comparative study on tool wear and laminate damage in drilling of carbon-fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP) /Simon Gaugel a , Prithvi Sripathy a , Andreas Haeger a , Dieter Meinhard a , Timo Bernthaler a , Fabian Lissek b , Michael Kaufeld b , Volker Knoblauch a, ⇑ , Gerhard Schneider a
18 Effect of impact damage positions on the buckling and post-buckling behaviors of stiffened composite panel /Yu Feng a, ⇑ , Haoyu Zhang a , Xiangfei Tan a , Yuting He a , Tao An a , Jie Zheng b
19 Exploiting the benefits of multi-scale analysis in reliability analysis for composite structures /X.-Y. Zhou a, ⇑ , P.D. Gosling a , Z. Ullah b , Ł. Kaczmarczyk b , C.J. Pearce b
20 Free vibration analysis of shear-induced flexural vibration of FGPM annular plate using Generalized Differential Quadrature method /Pankaj Sharma ⇑ , Sandeep Kumar Parashar
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